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The Grimwar

We have javelins, and we have bows and arrows, and we have guns. Where are the slings? Not slingshot as in the stick and a rubber band, but I mean the sling which felled the mighty Goliath! I think there should be a tier progression of slings. The sling itself would do no damage, this would be counter balanced by the ability to sling grenades! But you better swing the nades quickly, or else you'll blow up! But in general, the ammo would do less damage than the preferred arrow at the time, in turn the shots go straight further, go fast, and they reload faster!

The sling would work like the new flail mechanic, you hold down the button and let the sling rotate around you a few times, otherwise, the sling would not toss the stone at an adequate trajectory. I have no idea how to implement the sling hierarchy and what they would be made of other than leather, which would mean that some enemy that produces leather would have to be introduced on crimson worlds, like boars. Which would be a rare spawn that populates the normal biome...on all worlds. Here are the types of ammo a sling would use.

Early Game: Sling Stones
[1 Stone=5 Sling Stones]

Mid-Early Game: Granite Stones, can penetrate one enemy before breaking
[1 Granite/Smooth Granite=5 Granite Stones]

Post Skeletron: Lead/Iron/Tungsten Sling Stones, can penetrate 2 enemies before breaking
[1 Lead Ore=8 Lead/Iron/Tungsten Sling Stones]

Early Hardmode: Forged Lead/Iron/Tungsten Sling bullets, can penetrate 3 enemies before breaking
[1 Lead/Iron/Tungsten Bar=20 Forged Lead/Iron/Tungsten Bullets]

Pre Plantera: Pearlwood Sling Bullets, can be modified with hard-mode ores and materials to upgrade into stupid powerful bullets with the Imbuement Station. Ichor? Cursed flame? Crystals? Hellstone? Meteorite?

Don't know how to continue from here, hope you like my idea.
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