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Mobile What is the best and worst npc?


Well it depends if you are ranger arm dealer if you are sorcery person then wizard then the goblet to update weapons and dye trader does not give you anything good but dryad is not so good if you don't like the hallow and like the corruption steam pumper can get rid of both with the climatchanger thing so (the guide cans drop Andrews hat and be killed for wall of flesh spawn)

Storm Dragonica

In terms of usefulness, the Goblin Tinkerer rules, oh how many times I have visited him to get my accessories reforged.

For uselessness... well, hadd to decided really, the Dryad is helpful for her acorns and pumpkin seeds (and hallowed seeds), Party Girl cuz vanity, Clothier cuz vanity, Guide for my very first impression of the game, witch doctor cuz witch doctor...

Well, seems like the Cyborg is the chosen one. Seriously, I'm not a fan of rockets, becauss the only good rocket launchers is the Snowman Cannon, and that requires you to kill like a million ice queens!


at first, i would say the guide is worst, but then someone reminded me about the dye trader...
the guide at least helps people a bit who don't do extensive wiki research about their favorite games they don't currently have.
in 1.3 dye trader will be better, but still only vanity improvements...


Eye of Cthulhu
+Goblin Tinkerer because it’s probably the most useful and works for any class. (Unless your that minor throwing class which I bet no one is.)

-Guide. I mean he just SITS there when I’m in hardmode telling me to destroy Demon Orbs when I have a crimson.

Dye Trader is pretty good in my opinion because I can’t live without dyes.

I hate the painter cause paint is glitched on mobile.
In My Mind Goblin Tinkerer Is The Best NPC. It Really Helps Me Get Alot Of Reforging To Make Myself OP. The Worst NPC In My Mind Is The Dryad. It really just does not serve a purpose. Only if you need pumpkins for the pumpkin moon. My most used is the guide and goblin tinkerer as I like looking at crafting recipes and also reforging. My least used is the Clothier and the Painter. I never use them and they really just don't sell me anything I need.
For me the best is the Goblin Tinkerer because reforging is very useful (even if it's very expensive) and my worst is the stylist. In my opinion she is basically useless.


Skeletron Prime
I actually pretty like the Mechanic and the Goblin Tinkerer, much like to the fact that I liked to make (and tinker with) things in real life.
Maybe also Arms Dealer because he can be called "Xavier" and ... well, guns are cool. And Demolitionist. I like that crazy little dwarf.

This was something I worked on last year. Ignore those math scratch on the sheet. I can't even remember what are that for ...
OH! That scratch sheet is probably for the AP exam 2020. And yes because only by then do I re-acquire the wires and the components for it. The other board I made is lost in school.
My least favorite? Angler. Every NPC do something for you (open shops, heal, advice, etc) but he's the only one that tell you to do something (although he do give you some "useful reward")
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