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Mobile What to do after defeating the moon lord?


well you can always try and craft the Zenith, or since you're a summoner you can go and get the terraprisma, which is fighting the empress of light during the daytime and winning. you can make a sick build, do the pumpkin/frost moon really quickly, craft the Cell Phone, make the ankh shield, beat all the mechanical bosses, plantera and golem at the same time, do the angler quests, complete the beastiary. or you can go to expert/master mode and beat the game there!


Skeletron Prime
craft the Cell Phone
I actually did this pre-hardmode lol. I could, but I kinda not want to trash the PDA. It's the last accessory, after all.
Also got the Terraspark boots already :indifferent:

Pre-hard is actually good. You won't be tremendously powerful, but there's not this much corruption to deal with (as in, they can't even spread via stone) and enemies are less dangerous. Perfect for just wasting time building things (including barriers to stop corruption in hardmode, which is planned)
Plus, since there is now kites and golf to entertain one with, I actually started having difficulty coming up with a reason to enter hardmode (at all).
But some cool stuff (e.g. bottomless water bucket) is hardmode only, so I'll do that. I'll make a copy of the world and do that.
You "finished the game"? Did you get all of the cool new 1.4 stuff?
Or, rather, did you get all of the Tinkerer's combos? Architect Gizmo pack and un Recon Scope (or the like)
Perhaps not.
Then just do some more farming and stuff. Get all the goodies in the chests and build a cool (or ramshackle, your choice) base to contain them all (or just to win bragging rights)

Just a mimic

The Destroyer
Give me some tips pls pre golem tips
I suggest you to use: hallowed armor, brain of confusion, master ninja gear and the sanguine bat staff. For the battle you have two choices: Or you try to fight her normally (
) or you cheese her using the mechanical minecart (on the video this guy used a gun but you can defeat her by using the sanguine staff:
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