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what weapon would you like?

Discussion in 'Mobile General Talk' started by TheSneakyMalteaser, Apr 15, 2015.

  1. TheSneakyMalteaser

    TheSneakyMalteaser Skeletron Prime

    if you could have one weapon (or item/armour set) that you don't already have
    what would it be?
  2. DarkWolf658

    DarkWolf658 Skeletron Prime

    Do us a favor, dont dupe threads. You made 5 brand new threads could have easily been put into 1 grand thread. We dont want to see 50 threads that each have a question related to the next.
  3. TheSneakyMalteaser

    TheSneakyMalteaser Skeletron Prime

  4. DarkWolf658

    DarkWolf658 Skeletron Prime

    Its okay just remeber for next time.
    On Topic: my weapon is the staff of the frost hydra.
  5. TheSneakyMalteaser

    TheSneakyMalteaser Skeletron Prime

    Oh I know, the keys are so hard to get
  6. dakotah787

    dakotah787 Steampunker

    Armour=none causei have them all (dev included (i have adroid that ive been storing items on))
    Weapon=soul scyth (this is literally the only weapon i need then i have them all)
    Tool= have them all
  7. Scorpion05

    Scorpion05 Terrarian

    Armor: Dragon Armor

    Primary Weapon : Horseman Blade or Terra Blade
    Secondary Weapon: Vampireknives

    Tools : Shroomite digging claws The Axe

    (Everything with Best Modifier)