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Which 1.4 addition is the best in your opinion?


My opinion: Golf and kites, because it's fun. Rebalances and reworks, because many weapons became really good. Master mode and journey mode, because journey mode is cool for creating things, and master mode is cool, because it makes game more spicy. FTW, and 5162020 seeds are cool. Also F to NTB seed, because nobody making videos with NTB seed.


Official Terrarian
I think the summoner class buffs, now it's more playable, easy to start and is very different from before. I'm probably going back to play as a summoner.


Soaring insignia
Combined with vortex booster, I won’t need a mount. Instead, I’ll equip my DCU.
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Journey mode, I’m a builder at times, and this helps save resources and the world from the mining for blocks... yeah journey mode is a really good edition to 1.4, I also love all the other additions, golfing is great just really everything is wonderful


Duke Fishron
The void bank makes my eye sockets happy.

Seriously, not having to worry about nearly as many inventory issues is a dream come true for me. I don't have to feel concerned that I'd have to leave an item on the ground after a while of underground delving. That's amazing.

Next is the fact that doors open automatically. That's just really super nice. I normally just use actuated walls and a player sensor. Now I don't have to.


I like master mode because I can do it and it’s not as easy as expert or normal. I easily beat the game only using ironskin buffs on expert and normal, but master makes it to where it takes a few tries to beat a boss even with a lot of buffs.
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