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Mobile Who's Ready For The 1.2.4 Mobile Update!

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Eye of Cthulhu
Well, yes, i'm ready. In so ready, i have pritty much done everything that's possible in this version. Please, give me the update, i wants it now!


Been ready and waiting. Play monster strike most the time so I have not been as unsettled by the delays as some have. I welcome the new content and hopefully less crashes/bugs.


*NPC's Play the Terraria 1.2.4 mobile update* :mad::dryadmad::merchantmad::nursemad:~:mad:`:mad:

Why does the update have so many bugs!? I waited all this time for this!? Did anyone even Beta-Test This!?

*sigh* This is so disappointing...


I only turned it on for about 10 mins so far (at work) Have not seen the bugs yet but fishing seemed to be working at least.


Fishing is quite bugged, because you can only use it at very short ranges. Also, the oceon music is broken...
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