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Wings don't work on heavily modded tmodloader 64bit world


Before you ask, no I have't used the defiled rune. Wings don't do anything literally, it's like they're not even there. I tried removing wing slot as well but nothing works. here's the mod list:

Mod of Redemption (No Music)
Thorium Mod
WhichMod Is This From? (WMITF)
Fargo's Soul Mod
Fargo's Mutant Mod
Fernium Remastered
Mod Helpers
Reduced Grinding
Elements Awoken
Mystic Lands Reborn
Upgraded Accessories
Useful NPCs
Calamity Mod (No Calamity Music)
Qwerty's Bosses and Items
Magical Things
Subworld Library
Elements Awoken Music
Boss Checklist
Pinkymod - Now 200% Edgier
Bismuth Mod (Skills, Quests, Towns!)
Element Powers
Recipe Browser
Base Mod
Webmilio's Commons Library
Calamity Mod Music
Wacky NPCs
Furniture, Food, and Fun
Solutions Mod
Boss Cursor
Wing Slot
Gadget Galore
Magic Storage
Calamity Mod Extra Music
Ancients Awakened
Plentiful Ores
Shadows of Abaddon (SacredTools)
Spirit Mod
Quality of Life: Recipes
Endless Crafting
Faster Weapons
Loot Bags
Large World Enabler
The Split Mod
LadyFluffyPandas Extended Crafting Mod
Shop Expander
Glow Mask API
Crafterbuddy's Craftables
More Recipe
Infinity - Endless Items
Reforge Armor
Danew's Mini-Boss NPC
Better take a Power Tool
Ultraconyx Mod
Beyond The Forgotten Ages
Health and Mana From Bosses
Builder's Toolbox
More Biome Fishing Crates
imkSushi's Mod
Full Health Respawn
No More Tombs
Terra's Wing Compilation (UPDATED)
Reduced crafting material costs
Skyblock Mod
imkSushi's Mod - Old Recipes Enabler
Craftable Try Hard Items
Fishing Reward Recipes
What Ammo Does It Shoot?

I'd rather not reset everything
nor do I want to get rid of mods, though I will get rid of a single mod if that fixes things
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well. yeah wings dont really work on over 50 mods
aspeacially beacause some mods in this modpack break themseles
or might be from terras wing
so i suggest to not use over 85 mods
(or more then 25 - 40 mods)
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