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WIP Undertale Boss Texture Pack

deep spaghetti


This is my first post here that isn't asking where something is stored.

A couple months back I began work on a Terraria texture pack while playing all the way through the Journey's End update with a friend. I haven't worked on it in a while, but I've found myself with a desire to do so again. The texture pack sets out to, as the name implies, replace every boss in Terraria with a sufficiently related Undertale characters.

Download Link:
(as a discord attachment because that's what was easy)


Currently Includes:

  • Full reskins of Skeletron, Skeletron Prime, Plantera, and all of their attacks. They are reskinned as Papyrus, Sans and Photoshop Flowey respectively.
  • Reskins Skeletron and Skeletron Prime masks.
  • Reskins of Skeletron, Skeletron Prime, and Plantera master mode pets.


  • Full reskins of all bosses and their attacks. (possibly excluding old one's army)
  • Full reskins of all items (and their inventory icons) associated directly with bosses. (i.e. trophies, masks, pets etc.)
  • That's really about it.

Screenshots, Images and the Like:
(please excuse my horrid fashion sense)
(also I just realized some of these are out of date)

Wearing Skeletron mask while looking at Plantera Seedling.
Capture 2020-12-06 19_59_02.png

Skeletron Prime head animation.
NPC_127 (2).gif

Skeletron gore bits as Skeletron Jr. pet looks on in horror.

Plantera Seedling walk animation.
Projectile_890 (3).gif

Hope you all enjoy what I have done so far, and stay tuned for updates (which hopefully will be soon).
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deep spaghetti

I don't really know how they did but on this mobile app called TL pro they have a series of texture packs. I think its possible to add them in
unfortunately I do not have an android device, however if you can find someone who can format this texture pack to that platform for you tell them I give full permission
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