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(wiring) a button


in the spirit of keeping things simple:

a button in the size of the switch with the same function, however instead of having two different visual states just light it up briefly when you right click it.

I'll explain why I'm suggesting this, how new players might benefit from this and then add an example where this might be handy.

So I've been playing Terraria for a while now, would do a playthrough about once a year after my first infatuation with it a couple of years ago but never really got into wiring and mechanisms. now Journey's End drops and I really got into journey mode and map making and was (and still am) really interested to get wiring and all the cool tricks you can do with it into my dense head. It took me a while to understand the basics and most of the more complex stuff you can do with logic gates still blows my mind.

So when I started out it took me a while to understand that everything is pulse based, and here's where my suggestion comes into play, as the switch and lever and all the logic lamps visually work as if the system wasn't pulse based. After digging into tutorials and trying out stuff for myself I now understand that the different states of switches and levers can work for the mechanisms they're attached to but have nothing to do with their functionality. Example would be the logic gates where it says 'activates if..., deactivates otherwise...'. It took me a while to understand that that only refers to the visual state of the logic gate.

The wiki makes it pretty clear how the system works and maybe it was just my particular dense head but I think new players trying to learn wiring would greatly benefit from clearer descriptions and having a button that more clearly represents how the wiring works.

Ok, so to end this post with an example, I saw a video on a keypad which was using switches and you had to enter a certain code to enter a door. let's say it was a standard keypad 1-9 and you had to enter something like 1,2,5,5,2,3. Now if I'm the dude playing the adventure map I have to understand how wiring pulses work and need to be told by the map somehow that the visual states of the switches aren't important because judging from intuition it might as well be important what state the switches are in for the door to open.

mind you, this is just one example, I could think of lots of adventure scenarios where having a button would be very handy.

anyway, thanks for reading and would really love to see the button making it into the game, been loving journey mode sofar and look out for adventure maps from me in the future :D
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