Wooden Wands: An Earlygame Magic Weapon


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now before i start, yes, i know that other people have made suggestions for an earlymode wood staff that would be the first obtainable magic weapons for new players. however, i think that i have a cool and original idea for wooden magic, and that's magic wands.

for starters, you're going to need this:

Star Stuff
"the essence of the universe"
restores 10 mana
made with: 1 fallen star (makes 2)

once you have Star Stuff, you then go chop down any kind of tree (Wood, Boreal Wood, Ebonwood, Shadewood, Palmwood, or Rich Mahogany) and combine them to make:

Basic Wand
"just your average, everyday wand"
4 Damage
No Knockback
9% Critical Strike Chance
Uses 2 mana
Made With: 20 Wood, 5 Star Stuff

Shoots a magic bolt (kind of like a water bolt sphere, but slower and breaks on impact) . nothing else to say about it, really.

Frosty Wand
"it's very chilly"
5 Damage
Weak Knockback
8% Critical Strike chance
uses 3 mana
Made With:20 Boreal Wood, 5 Star Stuff

shoots an ice ball that has a 5% chance of inflicting Frostburn on enemies (just to clarify, the ice ball would be similar to the water bolt projectile)

Sunny Wand
"hot, hot, hot!"
5 Damage
No Knockback
9% Critical Strike chance
uses 3 mana
Made With: 20 Palmwood, 5 Star Stuff

shoots a fire projectile that lands on the ground and ignites enemies that walk on it. last for 30 seconds and spreads on grass

Dark Wand
"throbs with evil"
7 Damage
Weak Knockback
10% Critical Strike chance
uses 5 mana
Made With: 30 Ebonwood, 10 Star Stuff

Shoots a green jet of light at enemies. penetrates up to two enemies before stopping

Bloody Wand
"probably has hepatitis"
8 Damage
Weak Knockback
10% Critical Strike chance
uses 4 mana
Made With: 30 Shadewood, 10 Star Stuff

shoots a glob of blood (a big red ball) at enemies. explodes into a pool of blood upon impact (which does 1/2 the damage of the projectile)

Vine Wand
"it's wrapping around my hand"
10 Damage
No Knockback
9% Critical Strike chance
uses 5 mana
Made With: 30 Rich Mahogany, 10 Star Stuff

this one is a little weird. when used, it shoots out 1-3 vines that reach up to 12 blocks away (kind of like the Vilethorn, but faster and unable to go through walls). if one of the vines latches on to an enemy, it pulls them towards you, dealing damage every 1.5 seconds.

Because Pearlwood needs to have some love, I gave it a wand too.
Sparkling Wand
"oh, oh, oh, It's magic!"
20 Magic damage
Average knockback
12% crit chance
uses 10 mana

Shoots a glowing pearl that goes extremely fast when casted, but slows down over time. Once it stops, it shatters.

And that's everything!
if you could sprite for this, i'd appreciate it, and as always, your opinions are greatly appreciated!
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Seems nice, the star stuff mana restore does give mana sickness right?
It would do, since all mana potions apply the debuff.
I'm not usually a big fan of wood-tier magic weapons, but these seem to be decent ideas. You might want to put the wands into spoilers though, to not scare anyone with the amount of text. I also think that you don't need a better debuff on the Bloody Wand, it is already quite a bit stronger than its Corruption counterpart with the Poison debuff and AOE. I would even be tempted to remove the debuff, since Poison is a Jungle debuff, and apply it to the Vine Wand instead. Just a thought.
Decent suggestion, and you have my support with or without these changes.
Pretty good idea, although there's already the prehardmode Magic staffs, I think this would be cool, only thing is maybe the star stuff should be called star dust and the fallen star should maybe make less because they're so easy to get.
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