Console World import from old gen consoles


A dearly missed feature that ensured safety from griefers.

Will this feature ever return? I haven't played multi-player since it was removed due to the game still saving when autosave is turned off and the number of players who enjoy destroying things others build.

It was a great way to keep worlds backed up and safe. A lot of the fun factor went when the feature was removed.


I have a Wii U and like maximum friends in my list xD I remember three of my friends being online 4 weeks ago... It's very unfortunate that console edition was to be cancelled developing cuz the playerbase was huge. Only problem was, that you had to write your messages on tombstones or signs :D.


It will largely be up to the companies owning the consoles to instate old gen compatibility and crossover possibility, something companies like Nintendo have given up on
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