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PC WTB Acid Dye: Offering rare items in exchange!


Official Terrarian
Will reward generously!
Trading Item Type
Vanity Items
H folks,

I've been looking for green acid dye for quite a while now and turned in a good 50 strange plants in the process.

I can reward you generously if you have some vials to spare!

Have most of the items in the game available for exchange for you to choose from. This includes:
  • Any Strange Dye of your choosing (seriously, got all except (dark) reflective metal. blue/green acid dyes and blue Wisp dye)
  • Universal Pylons: Took me a very long time to complete the bestiary. I can give you a set of 10, allowing you a movable checkpoint from any part of the map.
  • Terraprisma: tied for the strongest summon item in exchange.
  • Pumpkin Moon/Frost moon/any boss: Have all equipment drops.
  • Master mode pets/Expert mode bags.
  • High End Fishing gear: Hot line rod/bottomless liquid bucket etc.
  • Zenith Component Sword: Headless horseman sword (several). Bee sword, Seedler, Meowmere, StarWrath, Influx Wavers (several),

Looking to trade for 3 vials or more! Let me know what you want for them :)!

Thanks in advance!

  • Other items I'm interested in trading for:
    • Aarkhalis set
    • terragrim
    • desert paintings
    • Dyes: blue acid, shifting sands, gel, reflective metal and (default blue) wisp dye.
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Hi, I have 3 acid dye. Would you have a Rod of Discord to trade in return?
I could also throw in blue acid and/or shifting sand dye for the Terraprisma if you're interested.


Official Terrarian
Hi Majin.

I'm happy to trade in the Terraprisma + a bonus for the Blue acid dye and Shifting sand dye!
I can give you a Starlight, Soaring Insignia, Eventide and Nightglow or Kaleidoscope or 3 prismatic lacewings as the bonus!

I have a rod of Discord for trade to, though it's rarer than the items on the list above due to the 1.4 making it harder to farm (e.g. elementals won't spawn unless you keep moving).

I'll give you the Rod of Discord for the Acid Dye + any of the following:
  • Spare Desert Biome Key (I can give you any other biome key as a bonus (inc. 2 Hallowed)).
  • Or gold Pirate Chests (2 preferable, though 1 +1 strange plant is fine to).
  • Or 3 strange plants

If you trade in all 3 dye sets, I can give you a universal pylon to sweeten the deal.

Steam name is glider521al.

Thanks again!

P.s. Just got the Blue Acid Dye, could we substitute blue acid with a golden pirate chest or 2 strange plants (otherwise happy to go ahead regardless)?
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How does 2 golden chests + 3 Acid dye + 3 Shifting sands dye for Discord rod + Terraprisma sound?


Official Terrarian
How does 2 golden chests + 3 Acid dye + 3 Shifting sands dye for Discord rod + Terraprisma sound?
Sounds awesome!

Let me know when you're free to trade (your welcome to take any of the empress of light drops/universal pylon as above). Not sure which Steam profile is yours, so add me when ready :).
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Official Terrarian
You still have a Starwrath?

Happy to trade it for any one of (in order of preference):
  • A Terragrim (will provide another item since it's rarer)
  • Or Arkhalis Vanity Set (will provide another item since it's rarer)
  • Or An Oasis Painting.
  • Or an exotic scimintar and either a Classy Cane/Ale Tosserr
Alternatively I can also trade for any two unique Christmas painting types (with preference given to "Acorns", "Cold Snap" and "The Season")

Best regards
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