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Xbox One WTB Pets (Penguin, Lizard, Grinch Whistle, Petri Dish)

Discussion in 'Want to Buy' started by TheCaptainNow, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. TheCaptainNow

    TheCaptainNow Terrarian

    I had all pets and accidentally lost a few. Will trade top tier things (Duke Fish drops, or some other rare items) to get them back.
  2. Deathflow

    Deathflow Terrarian

    Hey i have a few pet's i would be willing to trade. I have Brain/Tartar sauce/vial of blood and petri dish.
    Pm me if you wanna make a trade :)
  3. Jim the Jackal

    Jim the Jackal Terrarian

    I have a few pets, duplicates.
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    Nvm, I thought this was 360.
  4. Trendy23

    Trendy23 Terrarian

    I have everything but the grinch whistle
  5. A Saint42

    A Saint42 Terrarian

    I have all pets, grinch whistle included. Looking for enchanted sword if you have it
  6. Trendy23

    Trendy23 Terrarian

    Any chance i can borrow the grinch whistle?
  7. A Saint42

    A Saint42 Terrarian

    Sure can. Sorry it took a bit to respond. Do you happen to have any of these banners...Enchanted Sword, Cursed Hammer, Shadow Hammer, or Crimson Axe? Message me on xbox, it's the same as my name
  8. I'll give you my petri dish for free