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Da Monster56

Hey guys . I am looking for Xbox 360 players of any age to play terraria with me . I would like you to have a mic of any kind (kinect or headset) . My gamer tag is : Da Monster56 ... Remember to have a space in between da and monster ... Also do not type: monster 56 ... Keep the : monster and 56 together like this : Monster56 .

Anyways, as I said, I'm on xbox 360 ONLY.. Add me whenever you want and I'll accept anyone with a mic,kinect, or headset ... Bye and see ya !!!:pumpking:
I need some friends to play Terraria with on the XBOX 360. If you want to add me my GT is ZipTheGamer. P.S I got a mic.
Hey, GT is same as username here, always looking to butcher some bosses or repel invasions. Endgame Spectre level Mage/support build. Always looking to push the limits of what I can do. I can also build one mean house.
Hi, I am looking for players that want a challenge when they play this even if you're a veteran or a newbie doesnt matter. As long as you have a mice and the will to want to play the game to its fullest, when and if I find someone on here I want to start a new character and a new world. I would prefer players with headsets and no squeakers. My gamer tag is same as profile I only play on 360.
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