Resolved [Xbox One] I need help finding ores after the 1.3 update on console

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    hello I play on console and I was extremely excited for 1.3 to arrive on Xbox but I haven’t played it because I’m stuck so I hope someone can please help. Anyone who has played/play on console knows that when mining the map would reveal a largish area around your character so you could see any surrounding ores, chests, heart crystals because of the colours but that has been changed and now I don’t have the slightest clue what to do. To progress I have to look for a certain ore, I can’t rememver what it’s called because it’s been a while since I’ve properly played but how am I supposed to find anything when the map doesn’t reveal anything? Before I’d zoom up and look for colours and go mine them to see if that’s what I needed but I can no longer do that due to the map hardly showing anything. The ores that spawn after destroying the alters are rare enough without just having to dig around the map and hope to bump into some. Is there anything I can do to reveal more of the map when I’m mining? I know there is a lot in this update that I don’t know about because I only played the new update for 15 minutes before realising the map difference then I turned it off so maybe I’m missing something like something I can equip on my character that makes the map reveal like before? Thanks for reading
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    A spelunker potion should help you locate those ores. (I assume the hardmode ores, correct?). The map range was made darker in recent updates to match the PC version, but you can help light up the map by using certain light items like a Torch, or using weapons that light up the map. You can also use items such as a Shine potion or a Night Owl potion to help you light up the underground.

    You can also get an item from Nymphs(they come from Lost Girls, a rare spawn in the underground) that is called the Metal Detector, which is a 50% drop(100% on Expert) which will tell you the rarest ore or treasure nearby.

    Finding those ores can be a pain, but you have to keep a close eye and be persistent, and I promise you that you can find them.

    If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to ask. :)
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    From the sounds of things you are in Hardmode.

    There are a total of 7 mine-able Hardmode Ores and you will get a set of 3 of them in a world that generate from destroying Altars. The following Ores you can get are as follows along with their tiers:

    Colbalt (Dark Blue) or Palladium (Orange) You need either a Molten Pickaxe or Reaver Shark to mine this ore, gotten from pre-hardmode.

    Mythril (Green/bluish) or Orichalcum (purple/pinkish) You will need a Colbalt or Palladium Tier Mining tool to get these from the previous tier.

    Adamantite (dark red) or Titanium (Silver/Metalic) You'll need a Mythril or Orichalcum mining tool. Gotten from the previous tier.

    Those are the possible ores you can get in a world. You will only get 3 of these to spawn in a world, one per tier. So you could get a combination like Palladium/Mythril/Adamantite ore or Colbalt/Mythril/Titanium. The ore you get is random and decided when you break the altars.

    I would try exploring around in your map a little more and sticking to the Underground layer in an area that isn't Corrupted or Hallowed to avoid the stronger enemies. Cobalt or Palladium is commonly found there and is vital to start building a new pickaxe or drill to get more of the new ore.

    The 7th ore I mentioned is Chlorophyte which grows in the Jungle. You don't need to worry about this ore for now and it is not possible to get until you have a mining tool from defeating the next set of bosses.
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    Thank you both for your replies:passionate: I will screen shot the replies and re read when I’m next on terraria, thank you :)
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