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Yay! Introductions. :\


So I don’t completely understand why I need to get people to understand who I am but, if you’re told to do something you do it.

I have Three forms of Terraria: MAC, Xbox, And Mobile (Still waiting on Updates.) I mainly play Mobile because I can’t transfer my stuff between Games and my Mobile account Has a world where I grinded my way to get all legitimate items (including armour, and weapons.)

I currently just play with Mods (Calamity, Thorium, Etc.) on Mac because Vanilla Terraria is lacking any challenge before Expert Hardmode, Calamity has made by time playing Terraria a living Hell sometimes though.

On Xbox I have it I just don’t want to get started because of my laziness and lack of Items.

My GT for Xbox Is: Coolfizz9080
Steam account: Borksheviks

I don’t know if this was the right format but hopefully this works as an Intro!

Edit: Completely forgot about my Switch Terraria (Buying it the day of 1.3 Hype)
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Thanks! I sometimes wonder If I told somebody to contemplate there life choices what they would think about first. Do you have an answer to that?


Whew, the air is kinda stale in here. *cracks open a window and brings some positivity in here*

Welcome! Glad to have you aboard.


Official Terrarian
0 yea that part

But im trying to thinkk of where he introduces his name. I'm thinking of the other James's intro (ThnxCya)
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