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Pixel Art Zemmy's Pixel Art

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Is this a Community sprite tread where anyone can upload their sprites? If so i got some cool ones inspired by LOTR (Lord of The Rings)

Orcish Archer.png

Orcish Archer
Orcish Soldier.png

Orcish Soldier
Orcish Trader.png

Orcish Trader/Mage
Urak-hai Troll.png

Urak-Hai Troll
Frodo Bagins.png
Hildigrim Headstrong.png
Samwise Gamgee.png
Gertrude Graymane.png
Lalia Hayward.png
Rosie Cotton.png

An assortment of Hobbits


Gondorian/Rohinian Trading Cart

Dwarven Trading Cart

Elven Trading Cart

Hobbit Trading Cart

Orcish/Urak-Hai Trading Cart

I hoped you liked these, if this seems like self advertising then I am sorry and if you like i will delete the comment.



...i can see the request queue is empty, allow me to change that...
well if i may, i would like a rainforest gecko(the blue and orange one) armour set.
if you can, thanks in advance
and if not, i'm sorry for any inconvenience
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