PC Zoom using mouse wheel


Zoom using mouse wheel during world exploration to very quickly adapt to current task, e.g. zoom in to do some precise mining or zoom out to engage in a sudden battle. A choice could be added to settings (scrollwheel = hotbar / zoom).

I'm on PC version and mouse wheel seems to be hardcoded to some very useful functions like menu scrolling. I don't think it's possible to manually set it up for zooming. Precision work comes often in this game and zooming using keys is suboptimal, especially while mouse wheel sits there unused. Personally I find cycling hotbar with the wheel too inaccurate, especially in the heat of a battle. It can even lead to death if I move the wheel accidentally.
Yes please can this be implemented. I thought I might even be able to do this by going into input profiles.json but no dice; under "Mouse and Keyboard", "HotbarMinus" and "HotbarPlus" are only configured for gamepad controllers so you can't even transpose the relevant bindings. I am guessing this must mean that the mousewheel set up for cycling the hotbar is hardcoded into the game, which (and I hate to start out this way on a new forum I just joined), is quite astonishing for a game on PC in 2023. I am close to requesting a refund, given the irony that I bought it because I quite liked this game on mobile but my frustration was with the touchscreen controls!
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