Pixel Art Zoomo's Art

Ok @Ryan3aly3 I interpreted this to the best of my ability, a rocket propelled drill... Done!
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Well, I've been a huge fan of your work for a looooooooooooooooooonggggg time, and I really wanted to request one of your bust-type square thing!
My request:
A Kabutops with molten scythes instead of its usual arms. If you could, I'd also like for it to be facing towards the screen, grinning (but that's optional)
When I open them again feel free to request! But if I took backlog requests while they are closed it would be the same as if I never even closed requests. :^P
Dude! Your sprites are the BEST I have ever seen! Please, could you sprite for my mod, The Prehistore Mod, which is in the link below. At least check it out. It would really mean so much to me for an amazing spriter like you to sprite for my mod.
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