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Recent content by Aaronjw

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    Share your RNG luck here!

    I got a Slime Staff within about the first 10 minutes of my first character. Had no idea how rare it actually is.
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    PC Which item did you have the most trouble with to obtain?

    I haven't ground (grinded?) for a ton of items, but I think the one that has given me the most trouble so far has been Stynger; I think I killed the Golem about 10 times before that damn thing dropped. Now that I think about it, I think I might have actually had more trouble with the Clockwork...
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    RE LOGIC! -Terraria logic jokes!

    I think TotalBiscuit put it best: "save the jungle by spreading the dirt around." What?
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    What Gender's the Bosses?

    I would assume Brain and Eye of Cthulhu have no gender, as they are... well, a brain and an eye. Also because Cthulhu itself is beyond any feeble human's limited understanding of gender.
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    Weird cases of world gen

    So I just got to the Lihzard altar and attempted my first Golem fight. Unfortunately for the golem, the ceiling about the altar was so low that the golem was actually totally stuck and incapable of moving at all. I still lost at his second stage though, haha.
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    Weird cases of world gen

    I recently started a small world which generated with two corruptions, one on each side of the spawn point. I'm pretty new to the game, but I was under the impression a world only started with one corruption/crimson, on one side of the map.
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    Your 1.3 Christmas wishlist to Red Santa....

    I'd like some more sci-fi themed items. I'm having a ton of fun running around with my laser rifle, Destroyer vanity helmet, and followed by an army of The Twins; it just sucks knowing they'll all be pretty obsolete before too long. So I'd like some more robot minions, more laser guns, and...
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    Noob question about crimson/corruption spread...

    So how thick does the dome have to be? Just one block of incorruptible material plus 3 blocks of space? Or does it need to be 3-4 blocks thick of pure brick (I have way more stone to make brick than I do wood)? Here's a bit of what I have so far: And is there any way to save my jungle now...
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    Noob question about crimson/corruption spread...

    As a latecomer to the game, I've only recently started hard mode. I haven't had a huge problem yet with the crimson spreading, but I am trying to keep my jungle area safe at the moment (the jungle and crimson spawned right next to each other). The crimson had spread somewhat into the jungle...
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    Can't find any cobalt...

    I am sure; I got the message "Your world has been blessed with cobalt!" Followed by orichalcum and titanium, then cobalt and orichalcum again for the other two alters I destroyed. I finally located a small deposit of cobalt near the underworld on my automap; right at the bottom of a lake of...
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    Can't find any cobalt...

    Should have mentioned world size; but no, I'm on a medium world. I've looked in the jungle and a few other mines as well.
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    Can't find any cobalt...

    First off, this is my first post here, so hi everyone! Secondly, if this is the wrong place to post this, I apologize. Anyway, I just killed the WoF, and have started hard mode. I started off by smashing five Crimson Alters (there happened to be a lot in one place) to get my hardmode ores. I...
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