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Hello all, just your local Queen of Shenanigans here gracing my presence among you wonderful people of Terraria forums. Now, why would I address myself like this? Well, despite my quiet and shy demeanor, I have a strong tendency to be unexpectedly crazy and random over time, however I am friendly so don't be scared to approach.

Other than that, I'm an adorkable little nerd that loves a broad range of multimedia from video games, music, comics, books, TV shows and so forth. If it's classic, unknown or even modern, I love'em equally (especially if they are hidden gems) and don't get me started about forgotten/beta stuff around.

Besides that, I'm an aspiring indie dev, writer and artist. I love doing pixelart so don't be surprised if my profile or EVEN my Terrarian house is filled to the brim with those lovely bits of art. I will mostly reference franchises that I am familiar with because who doesn't love what they did to impact people's lives, even if they are gamers and whatnot.
Oct 28, 1989 (Age: 30)
East Coast USA
Re-Logic Games Owned
Terraria: PC
Artist, Writer, Aspiring Indie Dev


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