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Jan 8, 1993

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Me after telling people online I'm not the same Crowno guy from Terraria Jan 30, 2017

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Oct 31, 2017
    1. SnailsAttack
      under what circumstances was this sprite drawn
      did the relogic office's coffee machine break down on a monday morning or what
    2. Uniquepotatoes
      Could you tell me who made betsy?
    3. akrobeau
      Hey! I really love the thing you've sprited for Terraria! Looks much better than Minecraft.
      1. Drake katchadorian
        Drake katchadorian
        Don't diss Minecraft it's a nice game for people who like to build
        Oct 22, 2017
    4. Xenagos destroys all
      Xenagos destroys all
      You have an amazing profile pic, I wish that I had half the talent that it would take to do something like that.
      1. Araxyana likes this.
    5. Xenagos destroys all
      Xenagos destroys all
      I was not expecting that igmur thing, but I love it.
    6. Flipp the Almighty Potato
      Flipp the Almighty Potato
      dude i love your profile picture, also i have an actually cool idea for a *new boss?*
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      3. ZcanKal2.0
        sans, tied to undertale, in fact, the cause of most the problems in the fandom, his memes are not spicy enough to counter this fact.
        Oct 12, 2017
      4. Flipp the Almighty Potato
        Flipp the Almighty Potato
        agreed, who are they trying to impress with that SANESSS meme? that's not a meme that's just a deformed, screaming sans
        Oct 12, 2017
      5. po3mongam3rz
        both of you took my job...
        Nov 20, 2017 at 12:51 AM
    7. ppowersteef
    8. Yorky433
      Crowno I love your Dev set so much that I already have the mask on PS4 because of the old 1.2 piggy bank glitch.
      1. akrobeau
        Oct 21, 2017
    9. MrChickenz
      1. Xenagos destroys all
        Xenagos destroys all
        I second this thought.
        Oct 19, 2017
      2. akrobeau
        He's not a lead dev he's the artist. His job is making the sprites for mobs and bosses and items.
        Oct 21, 2017
    10. WitheredWyvern
      Can't wait until console 1.3 so I can get your dev-set!:D ( It's quite possibly my favorite, along with Arkhalis's )
      1. Crowno likes this.
    11. The Ice Cube
      The Ice Cube
      hey i dunno if you've noticed, but your eyes are glowing, and im kind of concerned for your health and general well being
      if its none of my business then im sorry, i just hope you're ok, bye
      1. Crowno
        It happens when I'm sleep deprived
        Sep 21, 2017
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      2. The Ice Cube
        The Ice Cube
        so you're always sleep deprived
        Sep 21, 2017
    12. Gabe0912
      How do I get this mod its not popping up i have done everything in terraria
      1. Crowno
        If you have problems with a certain mod you should ask the modder on their official thread.
        Aug 31, 2017
    13. <InsertNameHere>
      What was the hardest thing to sprite?
      1. Crowno
        I'm not sure because there is always something harder than the previous. But usually I find backgrounds to be challenging, considering they are very large. Actually, big things in general are a lot of work, like Moonlord.
      2. Crowno
        The Lunar event sprites were a bit hard as well. I had to come up with designs for dozens of different aliens that would look and behave differently from each other.
      3. akrobeau

        Oct 21, 2017
    14. Uniquepotatoes
      who made the palette for ice golem , it's horrific
      1. S .Ir Juiceb Ox
        S .Ir Juiceb Ox
        Aug 25, 2017
      2. The Ice Cube
        The Ice Cube
        who made you, you're yucky

        Aug 25, 2017
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      3. Crowno
        It is a very old sprite, we had plans to give it a complete visual make over. You might see a new version of it sooner or later, but currently it is not a priority.
        Aug 31, 2017
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    15. Uniquepotatoes
      Will the 1x1 on Death sickle be fixed. Also is muramasa getting a resprite?
      1. Exodus Starlit
        Exodus Starlit
        There is only one 1x1 pixel, but it isn't even that much visible because they are kinda too mcuh similiar colours.
        Aug 21, 2017
    16. ★ LgS// ★
      ★ LgS// ★
      Opa Crowno, que tipo de cursos se fez pra aprender a desenhar assim ? acho muito foda o seus sprites, tava querendo criar um mod e não consigo fazer sprites bonitos, gostaria de desenhar igual ti, usa que programa ? ótimos desenhos, parabéns <3
      1. Crowno
        Sou auto-ditada, não fiz nenhum curso. Mas existem vários tutoriais bacanas na internet, dê uma olhada no "Information" ali que eu botei uns links com tutoriais de pixel art e os programas que eu uso o/
        Aug 18, 2017
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    17. 1jacob323
      Hey crowno I just wanted to say i love your profile pic and dev set there amazing and I was so happy when I got earlier today from a treasure bag
    18. augusto035
      Você lembra que é br?
      1. Crowno
        Às vezes eu esqueço, junto com o meu nome e a minha idade. Coincidentemente, quando isso acontece eu acordo sozinho e sem roupas em terrenos abandonados por aí. Só consigo lembrar de um flash.
        Aug 2, 2017
    19. Kullervo
      Here we go .
      Happy days having a bad Crowno in his vids
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    20. Unknow0059
      Do you still make art? Where do you post it? I'd like to be a follower in whatever place it is. Also, might you know who made the Death Sickle sprite? I'd like to ask a question to whoever made it.
      1. Crowno
        You can follow me at @CrownoO on twitter. I don't post very often, but currently is the only place where I post art some times. And unfortunately I'm not entirely sure about who did the Death Sickle sprite :<
        Jul 18, 2017
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  • About

    Jan 8, 1993 (Age: 24)
    People tend to make me the same kind of questions a lot, so here's a FAQ with me answering some of them :dryadwink:

    1. What programs do you use to make pixel art?

    Most of the time I use Photoshop, and some times additional software like Pyxel Edit (it's great for tiles).

    Honestly, the tools you use are less important than how much you practice. I used to make pixel art on MS Paint (even while working on Terraria, early on), and it works on the same way. The difference is the tools you have at your disposal, which can make the process faster and more practical. I could stop using my current tools at any moment and start to use other tools if I felt like they were more suitable for myself.

    2.What programs do you recommend/any tips you can give me on how to start doing pixel art?
    Two great free Softwares you can get are Graphics Gale and Pyxel Edit. I never used, but it seems to be a good option as well. Usually paid version of softwares like that are very cheap, so if you can afford them I recommend doing so. From the paid ones, Aseprite is specifically tailored for pixel art and is very popular among pixel artists and game developers.

    My first tip is: If you like doing something, keep doing it and you will be getting better over time (I'm trying to improve everyday!).
    Regarding pixel art, I think it's good to be in touch with old video games, or even new "retro-games" to get references on how to make certain things or how some things looks like in pixel form. Be observant about them.
    Also look for tutorials to learn technical bits like shading, aliasing and other common pixel art practices.

    Last but not least, here's a recommended source for everything mentioned above:

    3.Can you give me spoilers of game X?
    Most likely not.

    4.I have a suggestion of something you can add to the game...
    Try to use the Player Suggestions board for that!

    5.Is your avatar character based on character X from place X?
    Probably not. This character was based on some design ideas I'm fond of, and it's not a particular reference to anything. It is more reminiscent from an original character I created a couple years ago. It might be inspired a little bit by the design of the famous plague doctor figure, but I didn't intended it to be directly related to that.

    6. Are you Brazilian?
    Sim! That's why my english might suck sometimes. Sorry for that.

    7. How do you pronounce "Crowno"?
    I don't know, whatever you think works the best. I think I pronounce it like "Crow-no".

    8.I saw this picture of a game/art on your social media. Is that Terraria?
    If it doesn't look like Terraria, it's not Terraria :dryadwink:
    I always played around with gamedev for fun, so I'm almost always doing something on my free time. Those things are particular and I do them as a hobby.