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  • Can't believe I saw Takanashi Kiara in my dream today! I stand certain that she didn't hang out at my living quarters as a result of winning some contest.
    The key to maximizing appreciation of flasks is by thinking of their application outside Terraria.
    Bars can be a blessing when it comes to mixing up the form that premixed cookie dough takes during baking. <3
    The best way to evoke nostalgia in a contemporary project is through subtlety.
    Explicitly displaying objects doing so instead of carefully designing an aesthetic that can evoke it runs the risk of breaking a willing suspension of disbelief.
    Nostalgia does feel best when it is subtle yeah. Small bits of nostalgia greatly enhance the experience while still letting the work stand on its own merits. But if it uses too much nostalgia, it becomes over-reliant on it and gives the implication it doesn't have many new ideas of its own to bring.
    What got me thinking is dz_blacksite from CS:GO. It reminds me of the setups people make for their toy trains despite the map in question lacking railroad tracks.
    For all these years in active pursuit and eating other sandwich cookies, my interest for Hydrox grows gradually. `:)
    My first experience with the Switch is a decent one. I'd love to laud the clicky buttons on each Joy-Con, but that comes at no surprise that the Big N has portable devices with competent clicky buttons since the DS days. Also, it is perfectly understandable that Star Fox would have to make the jump to 64 instead of two.
    The Outer Worlds was never going to sell like Gangbusters. After all, if people wanted New Vegas, they'd play New Vegas. Perhaps they realized that all the jankiness led to an irresistible charm.
    Looking back at Spotify's growing emphasis on podcasts, I can't help but think about the Annihilator 2000 in Beverly Hills Cop III: Something that'll offer everything one would also want asides the thing they want in the thing. Great on paper, terrible execution.

    Only time can tell...
    Today, I went to see if they have POG. It's not quite the POG, but it claims to taste just like Hawaii. Perhaps this is the last straw retailers have following the "one nation under DairyPure" initiative and Dean dairy products sold at prices higher than the usual.
    If I had to choose between the Dunder-Mifflin Party Planner mug or the Baby Yoda mug, I'll definitely go for the Party Planner one.

    On average, I seen more of An American Workplace than I have the Mando.
    Fantasy Zone can get brutal. At least I found myself laughing the whole time of my first playthrough which lasted until I reached stage two. `:p

    It is rather surprising how next to no discussion I read online, let alone comparisons, don't mention Bosconian.
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