• Journey's End on PC - Find info here and here. Please report bugs and issues for PC 1.4 and 1.4.1 to Re-Logic here.
  • Journey's End on Mobile - Find info here. Report bugs for Mobile 1.4 to DR Studios at this link and give as much detail as possible.
  • 1.4 will bring many changes to the PC version. We strongly advise making plans to back up your worlds and players prior to updating your game. More details here.
  • Console and Switch - The latest news can be found here. To report a bug, please use this link.
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  • I feel about as connected to people as the Russian wilderness.
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    ...And that's why you're a furry. Or vice versa.

    *Watches Q&A stream on Twitch* *Asks a question* Answer: "Thank you guys for watching, and I'll see you next time!" 8(
    N Terraria has the douchiest monster you will ever face: The Avenger Bunny. Especially during the Easter event.
    Sometimes obscurity can be a blessing, especially if you did something embarrassing online. Miley Cyrus doesn't have that privilege.
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    Are you talking about the time she went to 4chan and got shunned to hell
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