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    Tell me your most luckiest moments in Terraria

    Both shield and hammer from first paladin Black belt from first bone lee
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    Terraria Bad Ideas

    Major Boss changes King Slime can now be one shot by a Flare Gun Eye of Cthulhu has a third phase in which he becomes a Nose Eater of World’s Segments have been increased to 30 Brain of Cthulhu’s IQ has been increased 300 Queen Bee has a new feature where Bees spawn when she charges Skeletron...
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    Name a boss you found easy, contrary to popular belief.

    twins and skeletron prime. expert mode, really easy with megashark and ichor bullets
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    Post the worst luck you have every had in Terraria here.

    new character, doesnt have 5 plat, travelling merchant comes and has companion cube happened twice
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    Terraria Bad Ideas

    every npc is replaced by moon lord, moon lord replaced by true eye of cthulhu, which never despawns
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    Terraria Bad Ideas

    New NPC: :red: He is like Boltlord, extremely :red:ed
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    Terraria Bad Ideas

    lightning added- does 100 damage every millisecond for 5 days has a 100% chance of hitting you when you spawn only hits you when its raining. when it isnt raining lightning gets replaced by meteors
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    Share your RNG luck here!

    4% crit chance, 4 crits in a row. i dont think this is luck. i think the crit chances are broken, because this commonly happens, also because rng wont ever give me such luck
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    my username is Boltlord, id like to play too
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    Terraria Bad Ideas

    When you spawn, you die
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    Terraria Bad Ideas

    fixed bug where the world generates without lava everywhere
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    Terraria Bad Ideas

    If you kill a Monster, Sans gives you a Bad Time
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    Terraria Bad Ideas

    You mean goblin thieves? ------------- When ML dies, Cthulhu's soul takes over his body Cthulhu insta kills all ppl and the game crashes 20 seconds later your PC blows up When you get a new PC, log into your steam and turn terraria back on the games name is TERRORIA
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    Terraria Bad Ideas

    1.4 Logic Update Impossible to Tunnel You cannot wear vanity sets if you want your armor Mage and Summoner are removed You can only carry 10 items Only 4 weapons Items can stack up to 1 now Arrows need you to equip a Quiver that consumes 1 accessory slot and it can only hold 3 arrows you cant...
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