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  • And since I’m in a Oneshot kinda mood..

    As the founding fathers intended.

    (If you know what I’m referencing, good job.)
    Got Oneshot: World machine edition for my switch. Cant wait to see New Oneshot content!!

    Also anxious to see how they pulled off the vibe that using a computer can only do, which is actually crucial to the game.

    Anyways, I bet you can guess who may be returning relatively soon then.
    A few things I’m excited to announce that I have planned for over fall break. I have a very not busy fall break, so I plan to use most of it for either revamping some things or just improving stuff.

    So, here’s a few things I plan to do over break.

    • Revamp my signature to include all my new OCs

    • Character Google doc where I’ll put concepts and stuff
    • Lots and lots of drawing, I need the practice.

    • possibility of a new RP

    • more memes for basically everything

    • possibly an intro to spriting stuff..?
    In case I forget, can you tell me the view count tomorrow if I don’t post it myself? This is my first video that I feel could genuinely get attention.


    Still faster than all my other content has been. Not to mention it’s been less than a day, I still have hope.

    If it’s a week and it’s not past 500 views, that’s when I’m gonna lose hope.
    Gabe :red:post is done to the point I’m fine with basically all of it, there’s like 2 lines I want to replace, but I have to save those incase there’s a second part.. hehe. Anyways, the school wifi is trash and it’s tanking the audio quality, so I have to wait to get home to put it on YouTube.
    Even though nobody asked.

    The Gabriel :red:post is coming along, it’s near completion at this point. I had to drop my old software and remake it in IMovie because it didn’t wanna register short audio clips, so I had a few setbacks.

    I also upped the quality to where it’s still a low quality :red:post, but to the point it actual isn’t both a pain and funny to listen to.
    What’s with all the indiana hate

    Like, I’m just tryna live life man, I don’t need to be told the only interesting thing here is corn..

    We have uh..

    Tractors.. buildings… schools.. people..

    Corn… erm uh…

    Libraries, cities..

    Minus the drawing, I’ll have have everything done I wanted to get done this weekend once I complete the gabriel :red:post tonight.

    I’m not gonna commit to anything besides ONLY the drawing on the weekend and the bird project extra credit work daily instead of cramming a week’s worth in one weekend. I do have 3 tennis tournaments next week, so..
    At least I got my homework done, I fell asleep working on the gabriel :red:post.

    I plan to finish that fr tonight, and yes Zparks, I will be getting those Gabriel showcase things to you today so you can sprite the swords and stuff.
    I’m going to finish a little bit more of my homework tonight and that Gabriel :red:post tonight before I try and get any sleep, and then I’m waking up at 7 AM.

    I’m typing this so I can hold myself accountable.

    Both of which are mostly finished, but I’ve still got work to do.
    I feel like I’m losing touch with what made me such an interesting person on the forums, which is just using the entire forums as an in-character roleplay of sorts, actually acting like the character I was portraying.

    When I get more username changes, I’m either gonna pop an OC in here that I make a drawing of, or get nostalgic.
    >Says that I’ll get lots of work done.

    >sleeps 14 hours, doesn’t get up till 1 PM

    > has a lazy “morning”

    > starts doing work at 2

    > finishes regular weekend chores at 3

    > Starts homework

    > Confused as to where all my time went
    So I found a game with both V1 and Gabriel legitimately in it.

    Of course it’s a NEWBLOOD game.

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    It’s only Gabriel’s helmet and voicelines though.. : (

    It’s still gabriel though. : )
    And V1, V2, and a third reskin are all monster skins
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