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Recent content by Conner360

  1. Conner360

    Some people want to watch my picture burn.

    Some people want to watch my picture burn.
  2. Conner360

    Official And Now for a Taste of Things to Come...

    Purple stuff game confirmed :3 Or or maybe its Currupt!
  3. Conner360

    PC 1.3 Spoilers!

    Too much hype over terraria 1.3.... IM GONNA PLAY IT TILL I GO INSANE ... ok maybe not that way i only have very short amount of time on it... ill play it till i die!
  4. Conner360

    Mobile Terraria 1.2 for Mobile!

    Welp now i can play terraria wherever i go <3 >:)
  5. Conner360

    Your profile picture is cool i like it :)

    Your profile picture is cool i like it :)
  6. Conner360

    Welcome to Terraria forums :) enjoy your time here :D

    Welcome to Terraria forums :) enjoy your time here :D
  7. Conner360

    Welcome to Terraria forums hope you have a good time :)

    Welcome to Terraria forums hope you have a good time :)
  8. Conner360

    Mobile Mobile Thanksgiving Update - Coming November 6th

    Awesome update cannot wait for the Christmas installment of update :) Thanks for making such an epic game even for my Iphone! (that and not costing me micro transactions to buy potions etc) XD.
  9. Conner360

    Official Terraria-Based Toys Now Available!

    Perhaps should add some DLC or even exclusive content for people who buy the plushies and toys to give further reason to buying them other than they are freaking awesome , i want that bunny plushy so much. But you could have like codes like Club Penguin do which they come with the plushies and...
  10. Conner360

    Console Terraria Console: The Next Generation - Launch Date Confirmed!

    I guess its time to buy the ps4 version :)
  11. Conner360

    Conner was here 2014

    Conner was here 2014
  12. Conner360

    New time terraria twitch streamer conner360

    Hello everybody ;) , come past my twitch stream and say hello :) Im very new to twitch streaming so go easy on me very shortly im starting my first annual twitch terraria world and just playing with the world to see feel free to add me on steam @ : conner360 my picture is sassy the sasqautch :)...
  13. Conner360

    PC Morrigen's Bargain Bin

    This shop is a great idea ;) if i need anything in terraria i will just come here ;) only time i struggle with items though is usually in new updates so if you get items from that i will always come back :D
  14. Conner360

    Zimberzimber's stockpile of art!

    If you don't mind i would like a request of a banner, with the ocean and the pirate NPC if it could say "You Arrrgh a Pirate" the pun would really be appreciated my spoopy skellington friend :)
  15. Conner360

    Official 2014 ReLogic Terraria Halloween Contest Entry Thread

    I call it the , Restaurant Le-Pumpkin! Photo was taking during a Solar Eclipse to add extra spooky customers, to shop for their pumpkin flavored delicacies. :)
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