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Feb 20, 2017
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February 20
Utah, United States of America

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Steampunker, Male, from Utah, United States of America

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    February 20
    Utah, United States of America
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    • Terraria: PC
    • Terraria: Wii U
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    Hello, my name's Alex.

    I've been a fan of Terraria for a while and started playing sometime around 1.2 (I believe). Though I love exploring around my world and seeing what I can find, I try to consider myself more of a builder than an adventurer.

    Type: Least Favorite (Not Most Hated)-Most Favorite

    Enemy: Cave Bat-Skeleton Sniper
    Slime: Black Slime-Rainbow Slime
    Boss: Queen Bee-Any of the Mechanical Bosses
    Event: Frost Moon-Martian Madness
    Event Enemy: Nebula Floater-Eyezor
    NPC: Truffle-Mechanic

    Top 10 Weapons (By Personal Opinion):

    10-Beamsword: The first weapon I feel like I truly stuck with in the game. Available in hardmode, this sword deals a decent 52 base damage with a sword shaped projectile shooting in your cursor's direction. Although, it's pretty difficult to get as it is a 0.67% (1/150) drop from Armored Skeletons.
    9-Fiery Greatsword: 4 swords required to create the Night's Edge. Why not use the one that causes enemies to catch fire? Made from hellstone, the Fiery Greatsword is a sword with 32 base damage and can set your opponents ablaze on impact (considering they might not have an immunity to that)!
    8-Snowballs: What else can I say? It's easy to get and effective in it's area. The snowballs are a throwing weapon that are easily accessible early on with it's 1 snow block = 15/10 snowballs ratio and effective fast throw speed and 8 base damage (Higher than a sharp piece of copper at least).
    7-Flying Knife: No Mana/Ammo Cost? Check! Piercing? Check! Light? Check! Controllable? Mostly! The flying knife is a projectile-like controllable knife that flies through the air, following wherever your cursor goes. With a base damage of 40, it can make a pretty effective weapon. Its downsides? The knife will just fly zoom around the cursor rather than just follow it perfectly. Also, it can be pretty tricky to get it, as it is a 25% (1/4) drop from the Hallowed Mimic.
    6-Amarok: Ice, Ice, Baby! The Amarok is a yo-yo with the capability of inflicting the Frostburn debuff as well as deal 43 base damage. It might be a bit of trouble trying to get one as it is a 0.33% (1/300) from any enemy in the snow biome, just watch out for the wolves.
    5-Last Prism: Last Prism + Constant Mana = Beam of Hyper Destruction Upon Your Enemies! Ok, I might be exaggerating a bit there, but it can still be a pretty effective weapon. Dealing from a low of 100 base damage to a whopping 300 damage with a fully charged beam, as well as a 12 hit per second (higher than other piercing weapons), this is can be one of the most devastating (Slight Exaggeration again, but I didn't know what else to say) weapon.
    4-Stardust Cell Staff: Hey, Listen! Get a friend that's not a fairy, but rather an celestial cell. The Stardust Cell Staff will summon a Stardust Cell to help you fight your enemies. The cell will attack by attaching a smaller cell onto the being, which will start taking away up to 60 damage per cell. How exactly are those cells taking away health anyway?
    3-Daedalus Stormbow: There are 2 reasons that this weapon is on this list. 1: This bow is literally like angels shooting down at your enemies. Dealing 43 damage per shot, the Daedalus Stormbow will fire a barrage of arrows from the sky to land at the location around your cursor. Especially effective with arrows that fire extra projectiles like the holy arrows. 2: I'm definitely getting yelled at if this isn't on the list.
    2-Chain Gun: Shooting around at the speed of sound (I really gotta stop with these exaggerations...)! The Chain Gun is the fastest gun in Terraria (prior to 1.3.5), dealing 465 damage per second (with presumably regular bullets.) With its rapid firing speed (increased with the rapid modifier), this weapon is one of the best weapons for taking out a Dungeon Guardian. Just to warn you that this only makes you fire faster and not move faster. You still need to try and avoid the DG's attacks.
    1-Solar Eruption: So, is this a sword, a spear, something else? I'll tell you what it definitely is, a great weapon. The Solar Eruption... (Still a WIP)

    Honorable Mentions:
    Space Gun
    Clockwork Assult Rifle