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    1. Shadow720
      Hey man I know I'm really late to the party.. But could you post another world download? I only have 200 hours on the game but i solo-ed moonlord & I'm not good at building/wiring... If you could respond it would mean the world. Thanks man.
    2. M4lum Channel
      M4lum Channel
      Hi bro! It's ok ?! I follow you on you tube but is 1 year u stop make video! I m scared something bad happend to you , all right ?! If you want, add me on steam, i really like ! thanks! Nick : M4lum
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    3. Ryan19405
      Do you have any guide in making mobile version farms?
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      2. mrmcmo
        nobody does
        Aug 24, 2017
    4. Inexorability
      I'm trying to find your link in the video on a Duke Fishron AFK farm(www.youtube.com/watch?v=nU7keXwZ9ko), but the link doesn't work(Says "The requested thread could not be found.")
      1. Derpytheswaggy
        Pretty sure thats not his problem.
        Mar 26, 2017
    5. the64thbittripper
      Do you have a guide for your PreHardmode Rotten Chunk/Vertebrae farm? Your video on it links to TerrariaOnline, which shut down. Is there a guide on it somewhere?
    6. GalaxyShooter
      Next Vidio ?
      1. The Ice Cube
        The Ice Cube
        Aug 8, 2016
    7. Hundjäger18
      1. Hundjäger18
        Since the player is moving, including crimson and/or corruption is a possibility to get even more keys, right? Also, how far away of the npc can invasions spawn? In a little testing I think it 100-200 blocks away but im not sure.
        Aug 8, 2016
    8. the snow spirit
      the snow spirit
      hey, dunno if you are here on the forums anymore, but i was wondering if you can help me and my friend idkwhoiam129 with a little project we were working on, a terrarian rubik's cube.
    9. Diamondheart
      Okay Megamind, where's your 1.3.1 map? last one I got was the .wld v14... I'm sure there have been many adjustments and want to see what craziness you've created.
    10. Hundjäger18
      Hey, just because you and @ZeroGravitas have worked on truffle worm farm, I wanted to ask, does it count as a critter? If so, is it possible to force it to be the only thing that spawns (a side of glowing snail) with NPCs? I've been using king and queen statues to spawn critters in the surface and it works.
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      2. Hundjäger18
        [​IMG] this is one of the regular farms I make, both console and pc, currently with mushroom grass to get the truffle worm, it keeps it safe of direct damage (if using the nimbus rod).
        Jun 3, 2016
      3. Hundjäger18
        I tried to use this to test the underground desert enemies, even built the one of underground level right next to this one, no luck, this is why I think it needs the walls.
        (All the farms have this much free space)
        Jun 3, 2016
      4. Hundjäger18
        I think the best way to get mouse and worm to spawn is by having a long dirt row as the only spawn point a bit underground, I remmeber getting a lot of them (and not that many enemies killing them) when building the underground desert, could be because of the limit of spawn rate (if elevated with jungle the enemies replace the spawn)
        Maybe the duck takes the same but on water.
        Edit: oh, and, sorry for the alerts :p
        Jun 3, 2016
    11. ZeroGravitas
      Hey, how's it going?
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    12. Dukey
      Do you have your maps to download?
      1. DicemanX
        Mar 25, 2016
    13. Oleg34518
      Do you think this version of your frost moon horseman's blade arena will work as effectively?
      1. Theburlapslap and Architect like this.
      2. DicemanX
        Not as effectively as the pre 1.3 version, but not because of the design. Something changed with the mechanics beyond the change to statues, and it's not possible to generate as many pumpkins from the sword anymore. It's still a decent arena, and the 6 statues generate enough mobs to ensure max hits with each sword swing.
        Feb 2, 2016
      3. Oleg34518
        Oh right... i'm going to look for more chest statues and some shark statues (if i can find any). and this arena is just about 1/5 done, the final version will be for 4 players.
        Feb 2, 2016
    14. T.M.S. Killer Stoneaxe
      T.M.S. Killer Stoneaxe
      have you posted any tutorials anywhere on how to make a teleport system like yours? i cant seem to find one i came from one of chippy's videos and i wanna try to make a smaller easier form of that teleport system for my world please reply
      1. DicemanX
        Jan 18, 2016
    15. movildima
      Just watched your Automated Expert Playthrough, this is my reaction:
      You never cease to amaze me with your automated creations!
      1. DicemanX
        Well, my secret is:


        Glad you like the creations! There are many more on the way :)
        Jan 2, 2016
      2. Solidus 316
        Solidus 316
        I made the same face, so did my wife, and she does not know how to play the game
        Jan 7, 2016
    16. bob lul
      bob lul
      lol yer mapz
    17. Roka Josh
      Roka Josh
      Just a heads up, it's me from YouTube! :)
      1. DicemanX
        I see you are a member of T-MEC too, so welcome! Feel free to pose any questions or discuss anything related to building and engineering. We want to encourage others to develop their interest in terraria engineering, since there is still so much open design space!
        Dec 31, 2015
    18. LemonWolf
      Hey it's me from youtube the guy how was taking about displaying your map and i wondered could you help me build things that include tech? like farms and other things?
      1. DicemanX
        Well, I have many guides and videos that show how to build various farms and contraptions. You can use the schematics in the guides to help in building. Also, if you have any specific questions, you should go ahead and ask on the T-MEC social forums!
        Dec 30, 2015
    19. Dane
      Yo dude, a big fan here of you and other ....technicians here. Quick question: in T-mec mod, when I go to options I can't set keybindings for "Ghosts" and "Keyboard" it displays the default Terraria settings. So i don't know how to disable the dummy's being white. Also I would like to disable "P" for pause and other things but can't because of this. T-mec mod ver: 1.24

      Keep making those amazing videos.
      1. DicemanX
        Thanks, glad you've been enjoying my work! As far as the T-MEC mod goes, I'm afraid the best people to ask are the mod creators themselves. You should pose your questions in the mod thread. I haven't looked into changing keybindings or disabling some of the features myself.
        Dec 29, 2015
    20. Dragonfthirteen
      Is it okay if i use your Immortality Machine in my World? I'm giving credit
      1. DicemanX
        Sure, I publish the guides so that players can build the machines in their own worlds!
        Dec 29, 2015
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