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Recent content by EparoBro

  1. EparoBro

    Cryosar, A new Hardmode-exclusive Snow biome boss

    Why not? I’ll make sure to credit you if you add the sprites.
  2. EparoBro

    Cryosar, A new Hardmode-exclusive Snow biome boss

    So the Ice biome is a biome good in early pre-hardmode and normal hardmode. After that, well, It’s kinda useless. Now introducing... Cryosar Ice Dragon of Chilly Chills This boss is summoned with a Dragontail Tuna, which can be caught in hardmode at any time in the ocean, with a 1/35 chance to...
  3. EparoBro

    More Achievments

    I know, I had to get a platinum trophy for the game on ps3, with the real tedious corruptible and Hallowed be thy name throphies. :sigh:
  4. EparoBro

    More Achievments

    This suggestion is simple. It is more achievments in Terraria to give the game a more completionist-feel. Terraria is a large game full of content, but much of it you get no kind of other reward or acknowledgement of getting. So that’s why... MORE ACHIEVMENTS! I’ll simply list in no particular...
  5. EparoBro

    PC Baseball Gear

    Maybe it should rarely hit a flaming ball, which makes a whistling sound as it travels.
  6. EparoBro

    Mac Time Rift event

    I think he has played too much Fortnite and is grieving over the loss of Tomato Head. Nah, but seriously this would be cool, maybe some dinosaur armor would be nice.
  7. EparoBro

    PC What is your favorite Weapon?

    1. Star Wrath Left-click= GG My favorite moon lord drop, It is kinda like the Meteor Staff except it’s actually good and doesn’t stab the crap out of your mana. 2. Tactical Shotgun This thing is nice because it is a shotgun that shoots fast, and also Chlorophyte bullets exist. If a slick red...
  8. EparoBro

    How did you feel when you made your first Ankh Shield?

    “Was it really worth grinding for a Blindfold for 3 hours?”
  9. EparoBro

    What do you think is the WORST TOOL in Terraria?

    Sand Gun, it makes your world so messy, does little damage and is not worth the crafting effort. Remember when this used to be extremely hard to create? Illegal Gun Parts used to be 75 Gold and could only be bought on certain nights Getting topaz was pretty easy, but no floor gems (anyone...
  10. EparoBro

    PC 1.3: Which Item is Now the Rarest?

    The reason y’all complaining about the tune wizard is because you’re never underground. After you get the hardmode ores, you’re never really down there ever. In my recent play through (On PS4) I was looking for Souls for a biome mimic key and found 3 in less than an hour.
  11. EparoBro

    PC What do you think is the hardest non-boss mob in Terraria?

    Paladin because it has a lot of health and little knockback resistance, and then it throws 6 trillion hammers that go through blocks and then deal like 150 damage and you can’t even deflect them. And then there is always some other enemy to ruin your day as well, the worst being diabolists...
  12. EparoBro

    Tell me your most luckiest moments in Terraria

    Not sure if this is my most lucky, but I was praying for a seedier drop from Plantera, and got a Pygmy Staff, Seedling pet, A Godly Seedler and The Axe!!!
  13. EparoBro

    Improving Ocram! New drops, weapon buffs, and more!

    The magma stone never existed yet. This was 1.1 I’m talking about, the same update where the final boss was considered Ocram, no Golem, Plantera or Duke Fishron. It still does do it, grab an old gen console and see for yourself!
  14. EparoBro

    Fallen Stars: A New Use!

    I like the idea, but in the very old days, I’m pretty sure they restored a bit of mana when used, maybe that could work?
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