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Recent content by flarn2006

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    Remove the Fish Finder from the PDA recipe, move it to the Cell Phone one

    So the PDA would just be GPS + Goblin Tech + R.E.K. 3000, and the Cell Phone would be PDA + Fish Finder + Magic Mirror. (And of course the PDA would no longer provide the functionality of the Fish Finder.) The Fish Finder, as (I'm pretty sure) we all know, is by far the most annoying to obtain...
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    Psychologist office. What is your most traumatic Terraria experience

    Even just seeing the Wall of Flesh made me so horrified, I felt like I'd be doomed if I tried to escape.
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    Allow projectiles created by accessories (e.g. Volatile Gelatin) to be dyed

    Doesn't seem like it would be too complicated; just have whatever dye is in the accessory's dye slot affect the appearance of the projectiles it spawns. Imagine the Spore Sac with Wisp Dye—it would probably look like you're surrounded by stars. EDIT: This obviously wouldn't show up for other...
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    **REPORTED** "Toggle Journey Powers" menu key bind doesn't work unless Auto-Pause is off

    In the settings where you bind keys, I noticed that "Toggle Journey Powers" could be bound to a key, but wasn't bound on the menu keys tab. I set it there, but it still didn't do anything when I pushed it in the menu. Turns out it only works with Auto-Pause off. For most of the other keys, it...
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    PC Suggested UI improvements for research/duplication

    One-click research— this could be assigned to Ctrl-clicking a stack. This is normally how you trash something, but in Journey mode I think it would make sense to reassign it to research instead, and just trash if there's no more needed to be researched. This would also serve as a way to...
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    Add duplication cost for journey mode

    I myself would love an "unlimited inventory" mode as an alternative to research, where I still have a reason to continue mining ore, etc, but I effectively have unlimited inventory slots where everything can stack to infinity. Inventory management is not enjoyable for me, and while Journey mode...
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    Linux Support the OpenRazer driver for Razer Chroma in Linux

    I have a Razer Blackwidow with per-key RGB, and I have the OpenRazer driver installed to use it on Linux. I heard Terraria would support Razer Chroma, so I was disappointed (but not surprised) to see my keyboard not do anything special when running Terraria. Is there any chance Re-Logic could...
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    Add the option to bind equipped items to keys

    The way this could work is, you'd bind a key to the slot it's in while the item is equipped. Then, whenever you press that key, that item will go into that slot. You could bind multiple items to different keys in a single slot to easily switch between the items, and even bind a single key to...
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    Important ANNOUNCEMENT: Modding Rule Update 2018/08/06

    How come? I would have naturally assumed the Japanese stuff was covered by the rule change as well if you hadn't said otherwise. What is to be gained by prohibiting it? Same with the removed items; what's the issue with players making mods to restore it?
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    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ PRAISE HELIX

    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ PRAISE HELIX
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    So...why aren't the debug features going to be made public? I've been wondering this for a...

    So...why aren't the debug features going to be made public? I've been wondering this for a while. People who don't want to cheat won't be forced to use them, but those who do will be able to. I know there's mods, but why make people reinvent the wheel? I just don't see the point of not releasing...
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    Why is there console/mobile-exclusive content, but no permanent PC-exclusive content?

    First, a disclaimer: I'm not saying I'd prefer people on console/mobile not have content they otherwise would. I'd very much prefer they do, just like I'd very much prefer all the console/mobile-exclusive stuff was added to the PC version. What I'm wondering is why there's stuff in the...
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    On Strange Plants...

    I built a skybridge to try and find some before the spawn rate was increased. Now I'm getting tons of them! :) Though I've noticed something: I've traded in about ten strange plants, and four times I've gotten Chlorophyte Dye, so now I have 12. And someone earlier in the thread mentioned...
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