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    tModLoader The Stars Above - 'Conquer the world's evils, Starfarers at your side.'

    Some ideas: 5 different Sentry weapons (Expanded Sentries crossover - 2 early-game (Post Queen Bee), 2 hardmode (Pre-Plantera), and 1 post-WoL) Umbra / Astral Bait (Battlerods crossover) Early-Game Equipment combinations that benefits either Umbra or Astral Special interactions when preforming...
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    tModLoader The Stars Above - 'Conquer the world's evils, Starfarers at your side.'

    Know what I'd like to see? Some Summon Weapons that work either either Umbral and Astral styles.
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    tModLoader Pokemmon - Pokemon Minion Mod

    Some ideas for adding in more type effects: Fighting - 15% Bonus Melee Damage, and immunity to knockback Ground - 10% Reduced Damage taken Physic - 15% Bonus Magic Damage, and 60+ Mana Fairy - 15% Bonus Summon Damage and movement speed Dark - Gain bonus Life Regeneration at Night Lightning -...
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    tModLoader Rare Item Swap

    Ooo... This i Like
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    tModLoader Magical Things mod

    The "Colored Damage Types" can help find issues like this
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    tModLoader Magical Things mod

    Mate. The Broken Lance summons deal Melee Damage
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    Make Summon Staffs Not Cost Mana

    Because people can be a little dense. Especially with something as jarring as Summon Weapons.
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    tModLoader Better take a Power Tool - Electronic counterparts for a lot of tools

    More Focused drilling, and the sense of digging in like a profressional.
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    tModLoader Risk of Rain 2 Mod (Cancelled)

    As long as I enjoy me some mobile turrets with the Engie. *(Note, when you do get to dabble with that, make them compatible with ExpandedSentries)
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    tModLoader Varia Mod: "Basically Agherium 2"

    Oi, The Lunar Lance does Magic Damage
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    tModLoader Upgraded Accessories

    Would it be possible to add in some "AlchemistNPC" combinations?
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    tModLoader Risk of Rain 2 Mod (Cancelled)

    Will this work alongside the "Risk of Slime Rain" mod?
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    tModLoader Colored Damage Types

    I await how you'll tackle both PALE (ANPC) and the new Assassin (Bismuth) types
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    tModLoader The Shapeshifter

    As long as I can use multiple form effects
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