Illusive man

clearly you have stumbled on my profile well than
veteran of the great cat girl war that surly I will have severe PTSD when ever the word NYA is brought up
hello i'm nonbyari i prefer they/them however i will support other pronouns as long as there not offensive
happiness is temporary void is eternal
current theme
past user names
Dev0yrer of gods
time death
time death/maso
snake with a top hat
snake the 6th
this is the worst about me section ever made
Mar 3, 2006 (Age: 17)
Alpha centari sitting in a gaming chair
Re-Logic Games Owned
  1. Terraria: PC
  2. Pixel Piracy
  3. Terraria: Xbox One
Tree or Axe?
Favorite Thread


ama ask a snake about everything

i swear i have to put this here so i dont get banned but i have anger issues and am deling with :boulder: so dont take it offensive if i get moody
this is the worst signature ever made
new oc key master
a mysterious master of all the biome keys
when ever killed the key master will reincarnate taking on a different persona
text color red and centered
gender female
race key master
opculation the holder of biome keys
personally kind but has a work like personally
is the current overseer of the vault
Set a new oc

Gender male

Age 31

Race human

Appearance no hair brown beard and slightly Indian

Personality hardworking

Equipment tool kit wrench

Ability’s disarmament can disarm a trap

Strength’s mechanics and intengance

Weakness combat

color yellow
new oc darkoof
gender female
race human
age 15

is completely blind
characteristics black hair in a trench coat completely blind however can use echolocation though a device
also has a little slime to help out to
text color purple
(Name sunin and the jar
Nickname (Optional):
Age: in mid 20s skull in a jar unknown
Gender: female
Species: sunin human jar ghastly
Appearance: susin a young woman looks very brithish with Victorian cloths jar a ghastly skull
Personality: skull more jokish not sserous susin more serous
Equipment: some spear like object
Abilities: snare uses the skull to snare a charter for some time
Strengths: two charters in one can cover more ground
Weaknesses: skull silver and the human well being a human
Known Backstory (Optional): susin a former ghost hunter who defeated the cheshy outbreak the skull a skull from a long lost time found in a jar and became susins avaertory
Other: mom died from a ghost.
Text Color: susin the skull)
Name: Maria Liudmila
Nickname (Optional): the scientist
Age: 27
Gender: female
Species: human
yes an ai made this i'm too lazy to make these
Personality: calm and collective
Equipment: forensics kit and a knife just in case if there's a battle
Abilities: piece can calm down a situation, investate can reveal certain details
Strengths: great at preventing fights good for finding out stuff aka forensics research girl
Weaknesses: combat severe ptsd
Known Backstory (Optional): when she was a child both of her parents were murdered and taken into an orphan until the age of 12. She has devoted her life to forensics and finding the murder named [redacted}
Other: is not married
Text Color: blue
Name: harverager
Nickname (Optional): the machine overlord
Age: 56
Gender: male
Species: human
Personality: manipulative sadistic hurtful but hardworking
Equipment: well things to make a machine and a gun
Abilities: manipulate uses manipulation to get out of trouble if fails it makes the situation worse summon mini machine summons a mini machine summon full machine summons a full machine after this the oc cant be used for a week not only this one but also the machine its self
Strengths: engineer
Weaknesses: relies on the machines to do all the dirty work
Known Backstory (Optional): a horrid engineer focused his life on making machine to do horrible work for him most notably was the killing of Maria Liudmila parents and the slaughter of 2009 killing 30 and injuring 90 with harvester
Other: despite being the evil genius he is he has a soft spot for cats
Text Color: green
Name: harvester
Nickname (Optional): the harvester of souls
Age: 23
Gender: megamind
Species: machine
Personality: the least independent of all of them mostly protects master
Equipment: death laser cannons and harvesting tools
Abilities: aberration shoots a death laser to eliminate target can only use when severely damaged cannon basic cannon harvest collects everything it's worth can be only used as a desperation attack
Strengths: combat
Weaknesses: reasoning after all who would want to reason with a death machine designed to harvest the souls of the many
Known Backstory (Optional): the first of the 3 machines also the killer of Maria Liudmila parents designed to be originally a weapon to use against terrorist but the usa declined this machine now follows the owner to the absolute loyalty and will protect the creator no matter what cost
Other: its voice is the same of martin luther king
Text Color: white and very broken english is its signature if you see phrases that seem to be translated servil times get prepared its havestesting time

Name: Crusher
Nickname (Optional): the laughing death
Age: 17 happy bday crusher as of may 10th
Gender: machine uwu
Species: machine uwu
Personality: a bit more independent very humerus hey at least it's making you laugh while its stabbing you with its many arms
Equipment: arms lots of arms voice changer
Abilities: grab it grabs you pretty self explanatory joke says a joke lure it lures you in with the voice of a love one to then take you away most likely to be never seen again
Strengths: good sense of humor lots of arms
Weaknesses: can be easily severed by cutting off its arms
Known Backstory (Optional) the second machine made after haverneger to be the main assistant for harverager it is not made to kill but to capture
Other: it voted for the grand albertos in 2013 election whatever that is
Text Color: brown
Name: Apocalypse
Nickname (Optional): the daughter of the machine godfather
Age: current 21 machine form 12
Gender: genderfluid pronouns she/they
Species: cyborg
Personality: saddened but hopeful
Equipment: the double eagles and the cannon
Abilities: eagles two guns what did you expect reason pretty explanatory cannon powerful cannon that takes up lots of energy
Strengths: combat and reasoning
Weaknesses: sober and has severe ptsd
Known Backstory (Optional) after the attack done by harvester she was brutally dissected. The father said, "I will bring you back my daughter no matter the circumstances”. Most of the body was replaced but surprisingly she was back to her old self full memories and everything. She became the world's first cyborg and in 2015 came out as genderfluid. More recently she has cut ties with their father not wanting to associate with him. And now works with Maria Liudmila to get some revenge
Other: has a bf might make an oc for it soon
Text Color: pink

FractionShovel12 I will expire your milk

kazzymodus I'd never :naughty:
Frozen eggs cannot hatch.
snake with a top hat I am the bomb
fractionshovel12 I'll make you fictional

Menerick__∞ 48 paragraph manifesto on why he wants to behead his ex-wife

planet one uranium is delicious 😋😋😋 please find out how to do this
Copy this into your signature if you worship satin

element four Here, you want some rotten intestines too? I'm willing to share.
rattlesnake jake i will exile your spine
king jameth lll OF COURSE! Just make us pay for tModloader too! YOU'RE A GENIUS!
my theme BandLab: Make Music Online


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