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  1. Jeckel

    The hype train and how it applies to T:OW.

    Yes, this thread has gotten off topic. Everyone get back on-topic, please. Any more off-topic posts will earn warning marks.
  2. Jeckel

    Tool TML GOG Patcher [ABANDONED]

    Unfortunately, I'm having problems with my mac box and can't run any tests to see what might be the problem. The best I can offer at the moment is that I know the previous patches worked and I haven't done anything different in the most recent version. Hopefully by the time TML for 1.3.5.x comes...
  3. Jeckel

    Tool TML GOG Patcher [ABANDONED]

    From what I can see in the text log box, it appears your Terraria.exe file has been modified in some way or it is not a fresh install from a standard English version of GOG Terraria. If your Terraria is not the English version downloaded from the GOG site, then I'm afraid TML won't work for you...
  4. Jeckel

    The hype train and how it applies to T:OW.

    No, there probably isn't a respectful way to negatively criticize language skills in a thread where it has no relation to the topic. There is also little reason to even bring up another member's grammar unless it is in a grammar related thread. It has nothing to do with making the forum sterile...
  5. Jeckel

    Make the ancient set useful and more

    Duplicate thread, please continue any discussion in the other thread: https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/make-the-ancient-set-useful-and-more.57796/ Thread locked.
  6. Jeckel

    Tool TML GOG Patcher [ABANDONED]

    Oh, my bad, I'm getting through a lot of alerts that have built up and I didn't read that link before I replied. That TML release is not TML for 1.3.5, it is TML for that will install to 1.3.5 steam installations. There is no need for me to make patches for it, because GOG users don't...
  7. Jeckel

    Tool TML GOG Patcher [ABANDONED]

    I knew as soon as I left for a few days, that is when it would drop. :P Well, I'm back now and will get the patches worked up probably tomorrow or Thursday at the latest. I am not that experienced with mac command line, but I would think that first line would work. Unless < and > is some mac...
  8. Jeckel

    I found a werid website about a another world when you die...

    When creating a thread, it is required that you include a minimum amount content to start a discussion. Just throwing out a link you found and saying 'hey this is weird' does not meet that requirement. Secondly, were you wanting to create a topic on a cult or cults in general, that kind of...
  9. Jeckel

    Xbox 360 Assassin's Creed: Revelations

    This forum is not here as a place to find players for 3rd-party games, there are plenty of other websites that provide that service. Posting your gamertag outside of your signature or your profile is not allowed. I have edited your tag has been removed and if it continues, then you will earn...
  10. Jeckel

    Xbox 360 Borderlands 2

    A thread for this topic already exists, as well as a few other related threads. Please continue any discussion in one of those threads. A general Borderlands thread: https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/borderlands.42231/ A Borderlands 2 specific thread...
  11. Jeckel

    The hype train and how it applies to T:OW.

    Telling someone to "learn how to use the English language correctly" comes off as very rude, whether intended or not. This forum requires that members treat each other with mutual respect and failing to do so can earn warning marks or other actions against your account. In the future, please...
  12. Jeckel

    PC tConfig Help (surprisingly)

    Don't bump threads, it is against the rules and could earn you warning marks or other account actions. When asking for help, people will respond when they can and most often it will take more than a minute. So, please be patient and in the future please refrain from bumping.
  13. Jeckel

    Important ANNOUNCEMENT: Modding Rule Update 2018/08/06

    Basically, the key molds weren't mentioned specifically, it was decided in general that unobtainable items other than the Removed Items were now ok to use. The key molds happen to fall into that latter category, but as things have calmed down from the last update I'm will be inquiring about the...
  14. Jeckel

    My little Pony: Friendship is Magic

    While necroing threads isn't against the rules, necroing threads with pointless posts is. In the future, if you don't have something constructive and relevant to add, then don't post or you could earn warning marks or other account action.
  15. Jeckel

    Humorous RNGesus Strikes Again

    The Non Terraria sections, such as Off Topic, are not for Terraria related topics. Beyond that, there is already a thread to share RNG stories: https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/share-your-rng-luck-here.3776/ Thread locked.
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