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Recent content by jroefk9

  1. jroefk9

    HD Afram - A Terraria Texture Pack

    This is actually really, really good. I tried making a texture pack a while ago, but I didn't have the talent nor patience. I know it's a lot of work, but keep it up. Cause this is very good.
  2. jroefk9

    HD Territion High(er) Definition Pack

    What is Territion? Territion is a higher definition texture pack of the default texture pack in Terraria. It is meant to give the player the same experience that the regular player will receive while still giving a slightly better looking version of the game. One thing that is VERY important to...
  3. jroefk9

    Standalone N Terraria Mod: RPG, Races, Classes, Quests, and other things.

    Maybe "Living Hell" could be an event where underworld mobs spawn everywhere.
  4. jroefk9

    Standalone N Terraria Mod: RPG, Races, Classes, Quests, and other things.

    Are we suggesting events now? Maybe an event called "End of Days" could exist and what would happen is every single boss you've defeated so far in the world would spawn at once and if you complete it successfully (Make it hard so winning is rare) you get special items. Also maybe add some expert...
  5. jroefk9

    PC Steamrolling Through 1.3: Introducing Steam Integration

    Dude! The machine from The War of the Worlds!
  6. jroefk9

    PC 1.3 Achievement Suggestions!

    Beginning of a Journey - Kill The Eye of Cthulu Welcome to Heaven - Enter a Hallow Biome Welcome to Hell -Enter a Corruption Biome Down ya go - Kill Skeletron Get A Life - Defeat the Dungeon Gaurdian
  7. jroefk9

    HERO Terraria Youtuber - Hello my friends.

    7 people... yeah right.
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