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HD Territion High(er) Definition Pack

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What is Territion?
Territion is a higher definition texture pack of the default texture pack in Terraria. It is meant to give the player the same experience that the regular player will receive while still giving a slightly better looking version of the game. One thing that is VERY important to note about Territion is that it is a very community oriented texture pack. Many other packs have tried to create this and sadly have died. Using Discord, this pack will have sprites submitted by users (I will also contribute significantly) and the community will choose sprites that best fit the pack. The reason why this pack is so heavily emphasized on the community is because there are thousands of textures in the game, and I am only one person. So the best way to successfully finish the pack is to branch out.

What does Territion look like?
I have created some basic textures comparing the default textures to the idea of the pack. The two following textures are of the Bee Cloak while equipped on the player and the Obsidian Skin Buff Icon.
Original Image: New Image:
Cape Example.png

Original Image: New Image:
Buff Example.png

I will also upload my texture for dirt and grass once they are finished.

Can I help?
PLEASE! YES! PLEASE! *cough* I mean. As I stated earlier, since there are so many textures in Terraria, there is no Earthly that I could do it alone. So if you want to help, skilled artist or not, (It's not that hard. Below is a video on how to make new textures easily) feel free to join the Discord Server! The Server is a WIP so be patient with it. It does its job though.

Link to the Discord
(You can join for fun. Contribution is not required.)

How to make better textures

Sorry! As this pack is very WIP, there is no download available yet. Once more textures have been created, early versions will start being released. If you are a part of the Discord Server, early versions of the pack will be released to you.

The following is a list of people who have submitted textures for the Pack:
None Yet :(


Official Terrarian
Im a console player, but this seems interesting. I might try help out at some point. Do you have some sort of checklist on items already altered?


Official Terrarian
Slowly but surely, we are re-doing the sprites. Here are some I have worked on :

Its been a fun side project so far, so I plan on helping much more in the future, especially with an interactive team, always inputting ideas, helps imensly to make sure the end product is "perfect".

- Monkey
- Territion Development Team
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