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  1. JuanokuG4

    NPC: The Werewolf

    this is such a cool idea! the only thing i feel is missing is his weapon, but other than that this is very complete and i adore this concept!!!!
  2. JuanokuG4

    hello world!

    hello, and thanks to everyone who answered me. this is very late but i can confirm i have beaten the eye of cthulu! i lucked out and found and arhkalis in the jungle without even knowing what it was, quick google search showed i had one of the best starting game weapons! my only current...
  3. JuanokuG4

    hello world!

    thank you but no, i would feel like im cheating i (somehow) didn't think of that! thank you!
  4. JuanokuG4

    crimson difficulties

    crimson difficulties
  5. JuanokuG4

    hello world!

    also, i'm having difficulties finding crimson hearts, and i can't mine crimstone. can you help with that? thank you
  6. JuanokuG4

    hello world!

    Thank you! So i should venture into the crimson... there's also a jungle nearby and i thought about getting the grass sword, am i risking it?
  7. JuanokuG4

    hello world!

    I have a platinum helm, the raincoat or cactus chestpiece and silver leggings, i have a trident, an enchanted boomerang, the topaz staff and max mana Thank you for everything
  8. JuanokuG4

    Try to guess the last poster's favorite Terraria boss!

    either golem or skeletron (cause of the head spin)
  9. JuanokuG4

    Those "how did I survive that?" Moments

    literally every CoD kill i have gotten, wich is why i hate that game! :sigh:
  10. JuanokuG4

    hello world!

    hello, i am JuanokuG4, or just Juanoku... i am a newbie in terraria since i got it recently, and am looking foward to seeing new patches and other new great stuff! i rather not tell my age... but my birthday is 12/29, so it's a struggle really aren't a complex guy, i'm hot-headed, don't like...
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