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    1.4 Summoner Minion, Whip & Armor In-Depth Tier List

    I'm not sure exactly what you are disagreeing with but with Desert Tiger staff, the first minion does 100% of the listed damage, and each slot expended after that gives +40% damage. When I say less damage for each additional slot, I mean that every minion slot after the first is only worth 40%...
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    PC Game Freezing up on biome/background changes

    This is extremely useful information. I suggest you edit the initial post with this information, because it greatly narrows down the problem. I would also mention what the average Render #3 time is before it increased to 200 ms. A 200 ms frame time drops the game to 5 frames per second, which...
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    PC Game Freezing up on biome/background changes

    Another thing I forgot to mention. If you press F7 on the keyboard it will show rendering debug information. This might at least give a number you can use to quantify the severity of your performance problems. If you are seeing numbers higher than 32ms on any of the on-screen debug information...
  4. Mail

    PC Game Freezing up on biome/background changes

    @Unit One Should this thread have been moved to Journey's End Bug Reports from PC Technical Support? I see people posting bugs for the latest version of the game on both forums interchangeably. It should be preferable to post new PC bugs to Journey's End Bug Reports to make it obvious the bug...
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    PC Game Freezing up on biome/background changes

    Try reposting in Journey's End Bug Reports ?
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    PC Game Freezing up on biome/background changes

    Turning on frameskip has been suggested to help with this issue. Frameskip causes the slowdown to appear as a a low framerate instead of the game running in slow motion. Is the game running at a high resolution such as 1440p or 4k? I would try lowering the resolution to 1080p to see if the...
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    My weapon is swinging instead of HoldingOut?

    Please use code tags to make things more readable https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?help/bb-codes/#code using Terraria.ModLoader; using Terraria; using Terraria.ID; using Microsoft.Xna.Framework; using static AvengersMod.Items.CraftingItems.AvengersMod; namespace...
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    WIP Minions Rebalance

    Every minion should have local immunity and should be rebalanced slightly to account for it. Finch, Raven: I would like it if these minions were designed to only deal damage when moving sufficiently fast and have enhanced AI that makes them overall faster and do aggressive swooping attacks...
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    1.4 Summoner Minion, Whip & Armor In-Depth Tier List

    Fetid Baghnakhs are the best possible melee weapon for not interfering with minion damage. You want as slow an attack speed as possible to see the effects of melee I-Frame interference. Attacks speed boosting accessories also make the problem less noticeable. Reforge a "The Breaker" demonite...
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    1.4 Summoner Minion, Whip & Armor In-Depth Tier List

    I really think the guide needs info about how some minions scale differently when you summon more than one. Some minions get full dps when you summon a lot of them. (local immunity minions) Others perform well at one minion, but don't scale well beyond that. (static immunity minions) You should...
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    PC Terraria Broke, nothing I do works

    The steam version of Terraria supports Ubuntu. You could install Ubuntu on a flash drive or make a smaller hard drive partition to install it. If you play it off of a clean OS install you won't have to worry about fixing whatever software problems you currently have. I am assuming you don't...
  12. Mail

    WIP Doctor Mode - A mode that is more difficult than Master Mode.

    Bombs found in pots can destroy trees. Underground cabins contain wood which can be harvested with a pickaxe. The Merchant sells the Copper Axe. Salvage furniture from underground cabins or craft it from glowing mushrooms or bamboo to build a house for him. If you can find an anvil: (The can be...
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    Resolved My Terraria running in slow motion on a specific part of the map

    You should upload a copy of your world file from "\Documents\My Games\Terraria\Worlds"
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    Crystal Assassin (Summoner) Revisited.

    Dungeon bricks are not destroyed by for the worthy Skeletron Prime explosives. I built a large single tile wide dungeon brick box to contain his bombs, but needed to leave an air gap around it. The explosions were able to destroy blocks outside of the dungeon brick box that were within the...
  15. Mail

    Copper Shortsword, Pearlwood Sword or Wooden Hammer?

    Global i-Frames block every other type of i-Frames. (local immunity and static immunity.) Minions won't block each other, but melee weapons (and many piercing weapons) block everything. The length of enemy invincibility from melee scales with attack speed, so you won't notice it that much with...
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