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  1. Mangu

    Terraria State of the Game: October 2019

    I mistook 1.3.4 as 1.4, my bad c:
  2. Mangu

    Terraria State of the Game: October 2019

    So... If I read correctly PS4 and XBOX will get 1.3.4 first? Even before PC damn, those Pipework peeps sure work fast! Might as well get a PS4, I only got Terraria on PC but I can't wait longer than I've already waited for 1.3.4 D:
  3. Mangu

    Looking for anyone to play with.

    Here's my profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198015233287/ Add me, I'm down to play. Been a while since I finished my previous playthrough. Love playing Terraria any day anytime (unless during working hours which ofc I cannot play ha... haha... ;C)
  4. Mangu

    PC Beginner back in the rings...

    Guys you should link a steam profile url for easier adding like this one: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198015233287/ That's my steam profile page, I wouldn't mind playing with you guys at all and I'm generally very friendly and cooperative. But I have over 900 hours of Terraria AND...
  5. Mangu

    Looking for 18+ casual players, hit me up c:

    Looking for 18+ casual players, hit me up c:
  6. Mangu

    PC Looking for casual players 18+

    I'm a 26 yr old male that loves playing Terraria and looks forward for any excuses to start off a fresh new adventures with people. I like to play with cooperative players that share loot all around and respect other players, casual trolling like luring players to a trap and that sort of thing...
  7. Mangu

    tModLoader Crystilium mod.

    Graydee, don't be an inconsiderate prick towards yourself. 90% of people say it is a promising mod, I played it and it felt fresh; a completely new positive experience for Terraria. The mod feels around 85% complete, so it feels nearly finished, and even if you don't finish it, its cool... at...
  8. Mangu

    tModLoader Crystilium mod.

    Replying to your question, I was not in multiplayer, forgot to mention that... I know tmod gets all weird up with multiplayer. I noticed that the chest image gets distorted from time to time. Here's a screenshot of it, look at the crystal chest and the one next to it. Looks like the sprite got...
  9. Mangu

    tModLoader Crystilium mod.

    I'm loving your mod so far Graydee!! I have encountered a problem with crystal chests, I have the crystal key, I use it the chest, an unlock animation + sound goes by and then the crystal chest does nothing... and I wonder what loot could they be harboring :c... any ideas why could this happen...
  10. Mangu

    Wavebank Lithium's Custom Wave Banks!

    I like your work, enough to make me log in and comment here, you did a nice job man thanks a lot! If you're into making more I suggest snes' Donkey Kong Country series, that sound track is the cream of the crop in SNES' era. Also worth mentioning are Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars...
  11. Mangu

    On Medusa

    Despite some other "give me more challenge" tryhards like I have seen around arguing in a positive manner towards the medusa, the Terraria Community Forums is filled with request of other players indicating that "Medusa" is an extremely dangerous and unfair mob (aka being OP) which you can get...
  12. Mangu

    **REPORTED** Foreign languages make Terraria behave weirdly

    Hello guys, I was waiting for 1.3 to see if this bug was fixed, but it wasn't and I should have reported this over a year ago when I found out about it ._.'... Just joined TCF to report this small issue. The problem stands as the following: -Playing multiplayer in foreign languages causes the...
  13. Mangu

    Resolved Spectre set(hood) bonus bug

    You have the game in spanish, I'm a hispanic speaking, and I have many friends that have had weird issues by playing the game in spanish for some reason... Usually Plantera doesn't spawn, or the Hard-mode dungeon doesn't spawn, or even a Pumpkin Moon or Frost Moon event doesn't start when you...
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