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  • didn't think asking for help on a boss . in the games forum would be so much to ask lol this is nuts . 2 weeks now trying . lol fml
    no terra blade :( would you maybe help me i can give a broken hero sword an my true exalibur ?
    Just keep grinding the Solar Eclipses.
    I know you could probably do it with other projectile weapons, but it would take much longer.
    Also, buff potions, heart lanterns, campfires and honey for increased damage output and survivability.
    thanks guys . trying to beat plantera an get the drops i have not been able to kill her :( gamer tag is Mastershake9669
    -Long corridor.
    -Lightning Boots.
    -Star Veil.
    -Some form of shield.
    -Terra Blade.
    Run down the corridor, shoot Terra Blade beams down as she chases you.
    Upon reaching the end, run past her, still shooting. The shield and Veil will protect you from knockback and lots of hits, allowing for easy passage with your lightning boots.
    Rinse and repeat until she dies. Normally 1 or 2 runs will do this.
    Might be worth having a defence setup though.
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