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Recent content by NLipcar

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    What is the dumbest thing you have ever heard someone say?

    "Consoles are more powerful than PC's"
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    Mobile Has anyone else got a "Turtle Shell?"

    Because I knew the original recipe was not available for IOS, so I assumed there was no Turtle Armour.
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    Mobile Has anyone else got a "Turtle Shell?"

    I got one yesterday as a drop from a Giant Tortoise, so I was surprised because I had no idea there was Turtle Armour on IOS. So I read the wiki and found its a 5.88% drop chance. Has anyone else come across this?
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    Mobile Multi-Terraria App

    I have lost equipped dyes before, but I think its just a bug. I mean who would want white dye so badly? But I have never lost anything other than a dye.
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    Mobile trading

    I have a spare nimbus rod if you want it.
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    Mobile Multi-Terraria App

    It does crash for me quite a lot, but when it doesn't it is really good. One thing that is annoying is how hardly anyone you find has not cheated their items.
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