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    Because Who Needs Friends..... When you got random forumers to play with you!

    I would love to join, I'm in the EST as well, and I don't mind if we do mods or not. (I would prefer mods, but as I said, doesn't matter) Just one thing, is it going to be Expert? Also, I can't add people since I got Terraria on a sale ($4.89) and you need a minimum of $5 to add friends, so my...
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    tModLoader Need Help Starting To Make Mods In Terraria

    Thanks for the offer, I'm still trying out some things, but I'll contact you if I need help.
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    PC Am i ready to fight moon lord?

    There was a guy who did Expert Moonlord (Hardcore) all the way from start to finish using rails to go left and right...
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    Have you ever seen a better world than this? [random-generated]

    Is it just me or are the oceans small...
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    PC Am i ready to fight moon lord?

    Yes, I did it multiple times with no deaths (except the first time where the nurse died) Just make sure your house isn't too big, so you can reach hands and eye. For the heart you might have to make a little hole, or use a minion/solar eruption.
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    PC Am i ready to fight moon lord?

    What I did (although it's very cheesy), was camp in my home which had the doors blocked off, a roof, and stood beside my nurse, had auto pause on, and fire away with the Daedues Stormbow (Or whatever it's called) with holy arrows. The fight should be really easy using this technique as the nurse...
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    PC Modded terraria playthrough

    I would be glad to join, I'm guessing it will be Calamity because of the Revengeance mode, I can't add friends because when I bought Terraria, it was on sale and I bought it for $4.89 or something, but I'm pretty sure you can add me and I can accept. My steam name is Ricidutza, and I can play...
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    tModLoader Need Help Starting To Make Mods In Terraria

    Thanks, since I posted this (1 day ago), I set up Visual Studios and started to code in a weapon and a few recipes for practice. I'll have to do a lot of researching for specific things like npc's or bosses and such, bit that will probably be after I get the basics down.
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    tModLoader Need Help Starting To Make Mods In Terraria

    Recently, I've been thinking about making a mod for Terraria, I don't have anything specific in mind yet, but it will most likely be something small. I've been wondering the best way to start, I have done a tiny bit of coding in Unity in C#, so I'm not that good, but know a tiny bit here and...
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    Mobile Mobile Golem Spawner Outside Structure

    Today while I was raiding Golem temples in worlds I created I found this one temple where you could spawn the golem outside of the door. To the left you can see the door, the right is the entrance, and near the door is the Spawner. I found this really interesting as someone who might have a...
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