Mobile Mobile Golem Spawner Outside Structure


Today while I was raiding Golem temples in worlds I created I found this one temple where you could spawn the golem outside of the door.

To the left you can see the door, the right is the entrance, and near the door is the Spawner. I found this really interesting as someone who might have a Lihzard Power Cell can spawn it pre hard mode without beating plantera as well. If mobile had seeds I would give it but as it is STILL in 1.2 I cannot.


The cramped space will prove an interesting fighting space. It can either assist or prevent you from killing him, as he will glitch through the blocks.

Storm Dragonica

Wait, when Golem spawns can't he break the blocks?

I'm pretty sure that occured to me once while trying to build a flat space made of stone over the altar, he just went "Y'know what, I'll just troll you by wrecking your flat land!".
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