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    What's your favorite Pokemon?

    For some strange reason, I have an affinity for Wailord.
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    What's your favorite Minion?

    Sharknado. The tornadoes swirling around you... feels so good...
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    Wha-, how? Anyway, good job.

    Wha-, how? Anyway, good job.
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    Sprites Buoyant Glowsticks: The ultimate tool for fishing at night

    This will be very useful for fishing or other water related activities. Questions: 1. Can you pick them up again? 2. Will they despawn after a certain time period?
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    Terraria Bad Ideas

    Yeah, those. But they can now steal stuff!
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    Terraria Bad Ideas

    Slimes buffed to give 200 contact damage and the 'Blackout' debuff. Set Bonuses are greatly nerfed. Guide doesn't exist. Plantera can spawn at random times and destroy you when you are off guard. Pumpking Scythes can despawn your light pet/minions\ During Frost Moon, Pumpkin Moon, etc. if you...
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    Your most hilarious / stupid death

    When I started Hardmode, I was wondering in the Hallow. I saw a wyvern charging at me and I dodged it with no problem. I was slightly shocked. Then I thought that was SUPPOSED to happen to progress with the game. So I just willingly stood there, getting massacred by it. At times I would try to...
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    The United States of Planterica has awoken!

    Those Pixel Arts look pretty neat.
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    Yet you still won. *polite applause*

    Yet you still won. *polite applause*
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    Mobile Three Nymphs on Screen At Once

    Wow, that's amazing. The best I've seen is 2 Tims, and they were one after another. I killed the first and another spawned out of nowhere. And then I killed it. I got one Nymph banner.
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    That's an amazing achievement.

    That's an amazing achievement.
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    ShenX's Rebirth (Not really)

    Hello everyone! I'm ShenX (I used to have other names, but I changed it). Anyway, I started posting in the Terraria Forums back in 2016, and I decided, why don't I come back? Welp, I exist now.
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    Sprites MOAR SPEARS making spear playthroughs much easier

    Yes... Spears 4 Life.
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    Share Your Life Hack or Tip!

    Ermm... You can paint grass.
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