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Recent content by simirian

  1. simirian

    PC Simi's Creations

    A few builds, mostly still on the TBC server. They actually updated as well, so now mobile users should be able to connect :) Computer is being maybe more stable? I am pushing through anywho and managed to make some builds. And yes, there is music, specific songs this time. Nowhere Man...
  2. simirian

    PC Simi's Creations

    Been inactive for far too long. Sadly I have a reason, and that is my computer is in the process of dying. It will be fixed, hopefully soon, but for now that means that I don't have much to post so uhh... here you go. Also feel the need to give some more music suggestions so I'll just list a...
  3. simirian

    PC Simi's Creations

    Another week of building goes by, I lose track of time again, blah blah. Ascension released a trailer tho, go check that out. I feel like I've become an ad bot.
  4. simirian

    I just learned of themes, and have entered a whole new world. Honestly loving the underground...

    I just learned of themes, and have entered a whole new world. Honestly loving the underground color scheme though. song: Serpent Eating The Ground (Bravely Default)
  5. simirian

    PC Zuri's Building Thread

    Welcome to the forums, glad to see you posting! Can't say much new, but these are truly amazing and unique builds!
  6. simirian

    PC TerraMonolith's 1.4 Journey builds (vanilla Terraria, no mods)

    Just saw this, and I really must say these builds are PHENOMENAL!! I love your style of mass terraforming into really smooth and unnatural, yet beautiful, shapes. And for the jungle pylon, the depth in that forest is amazing. I love hoe you used starry walls to give the illusion of nighttime...
  7. simirian

    PC Simi's Creations

    Glad to know I'm inspiring someone, that's always a good thing. And yes, I live. School started though, so there's been a good amount of time put into that. But over the course of however long its been, I have made a few builds. Big thing coming soon though. Also created a bunch of...
  8. simirian

    PC Simi's Creations

    Totally didnt forget to post over the weekend. Nope, no way. (Got all those crates though, so expect hardmode builds soon)
  9. simirian

    ...star cannon... Flamelash and molten fury are good too though.

    ...star cannon... Flamelash and molten fury are good too though.
  10. simirian

    Terrarians, show us your "I must screenshot this" moment

    Gosh, I have several lol.
  11. simirian

    looks at the wiki... thinks... inept. But really though, if there was an illogical modifier...

    looks at the wiki... thinks... inept. But really though, if there was an illogical modifier, that would be me.
  12. simirian

    PC Simi's Creations

    Been Busy trying to fish up all the pre-hardmode crates. My official opinion that you will not change no matter how hard you try: either make crates require half the amount to research or make biome crates WAY more common. Anyways builds.
  13. simirian

    PC Simi's Creations

    Haven't done much recently... Also shoutout to the Celeste OST for being amazing, and Youtube for distracting me from doing literally anything.
  14. simirian

    PC Simi's Creations

    New things, big thing, small things, one thing I really like. Also listening to the bravely default ost right now, it's really good, I highly recommend giving it a listen. Likely to expand the tower in the future, or at least that's what I'm telling myself. Also might start a big WIP that...
  15. simirian

    21 Questions (I'm judging you)!

    Corruption by far, its such a cool concept to me. Probably the underworld, also really cool and atmospheric. Dynasty wood, extremely versatile and clean block. I honestly have no idea, maybe jungle leaves? They're really helpful when building anything natural. Steampunker. I like steampunk and...
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