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I've found what seems like a bug with the demon conch, where it properly teleports me approximately 2/3 of the time, and fails the remaining 1/3 of the time.

This is the structure I was using to test the limits of the demon conch's spawning area and its relation to the top of the underworld. Everything underneath the line of ash blocks at the top is in the underworld (according to the depth meter).
Capture 2022-07-08 21_23_23.png
Capture 2022-07-08 21_25_55.png
this is the area around that structure. The top is cut out to 200' east and 200' west (which should be 100 blocks in each direction). The entire base of this area is covered in lava, there are no exposed blocks.
World file should also be attached.

According to the wiki, this should be enough to prevent teleporting anywhere other than the top of the above structure. I've tried removing everything in the area, which makes the conch consistently fail; removing the platform at the very top with the gemspark block, which did nothing; and removing the blocks on the side of the structure, which also had no effect on the chances of teleport failure.

Reproducibility: No data on other devices or systems, however I can consistently reproduce the inconsistency. (feel free to try and report back)

My proposed solution is to make the demon conch function like the magic mirror does, where it has an exact location it spawns the player every time (preferably centered in the world horizontally). The issue with this is that there might not be a valid location at the very center of the world, but in this case the teleportation algorithm could probe horizontally until it finds a valid teleportation location in a deterministic way.
As a builder, I would love this, it adds a new mechanic to build something interesting around, similar to how people build special areas around their spawn. This would also add a lot of potential to teleportation systems using the conch.
The only downside I can see to my proposed solution is the potential niche use of the random teleportation in adventure maps, but this can already be achieved with faulty logic gates and some wire finesse.
At the bare minimum, it would be nice if the conch never failed if there is a valid teleport location.


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the code for both conches is not guaranteed to find a valid teleportation spot, because it just does 1000 tries of picking a random tile and checking if its a valid spot
so if you artificially create an area with very few valid spots, it might fail very often
there is also no simple fix because a fixed spot would require changing the world gen to guarantee safety in the fixed spot, which might not be what is wanted here
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