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  1. Sssjim7

    Switch When will the next Nintendo Switch Update be released, and what update will it be?

    So... still no news on the split screen? Is it even still being worked on?
  2. Sssjim7

    There & Back Again: A Summary of Journey's End

    So... did we finally get the ability to combine the mining helmet with armor helmets to get a lighted helmet for each armor? Or do we still have to wear 2/3 of an armor set and a mining helmet to see anything? Oh, and how soon until all this gets on the Switch version? Playing on the PC is...
  3. Sssjim7

    Switch Lonely split screener's club

    Just thinking out loud... split screen is cool on the Xbox 360, and my son and I still enjoy playing it... but now that the switch is out, most families have multiple switches and tv's in every room. Our game room has two large screen tv's so that my son and I can play different (or the same)...
  4. Sssjim7

    Console Was classic console harder?

    I remember when I thought the first boss was impossible... lol The game seems easier now because YOU are much better at playing it. I watch my 6 year old son play and he gets frustrated and thinks it is really hard. I show him how to do something, and suddenly "oh, I can do that now... this is...
  5. Sssjim7

    Switch Freezing to the point of unplayablility

    Hey, you are not alone... my game freezes a lot, too... heck, sometimes it freezes when I am just standing around doing nothing... I have also noticed that when I am doing events, the message at the bottom that says how much of the event has cleared will disappear for a while like it is...
  6. Sssjim7

    Time to Get Your Wiring On - Terraria 1.3.1 Update Launches Today on Switch!

    Nice touch on the updates... but the game still locks up 2-3 times an hour (especially when you are doing the Frost Moon in an arena with transporters, lots of traps, and your Cross Necklass on)… I tried removing the transporters, turned of Autopause, stopped using my Stardust Dragon, took off...
  7. Sssjim7

    Switch Weird things happening in Switch version...

    Thanks for the reply. I double checked and it was definately on an Expert world. Neither the Eye or King Slime dropped a goody bag or anything else... they drop normally on our normal worlds. We made 1 expert world yesterday just to try out the goodie bags with no luck... No activated...
  8. Sssjim7

    Switch Lonely split screener's club

    Hey, thank you for the reply... I picked up the game at Walmart - I have a physical cartridge. My son (age 5) is on our family account and does not have purchasing (or other priviledges). We spent a few hours when we first got the accounts trying to link them (for some reason it wanted my son...
  9. Sssjim7

    Switch Weird things happening in Switch version...

    … also so many sky islands with houses and no chests... I thought this was a bug from about 3 years ago? It has apparently reappeared on the Switch version...???
  10. Sssjim7

    Switch Weird things happening in Switch version...

    … weapons disappearing … items disappearing from inventory... lost several swords in the 1st inventory box so far... my son lost his slime mount trying to make it a favorite... not sure what key he hit but it was gone... he had a vendor menu open and was selling stuff, but he didn't sell the...
  11. Sssjim7

    Switch Lonely split screener's club

    So how do you play multiplayer? I bought the game yesterday so my 5 yr old son and I could play it on the Switch. We play all the time on the Xbox 360. I was very disappointed to find out we could not play split screen together. However, I read that with a subscription to Nintendo online...
  12. Sssjim7

    1.3.6 Preview: Block Swap

    Very cool... can we also have crafted light/helmets, too??? I've only been asking for this for 4 years now :) I am old... I need lots of light (even on my 65" HDTV)… please let me combine a miner's helmet with every other type helmet in the game to give me a lighted helmet (i.e. a lighted...
  13. Sssjim7

    Is there a new Invalid housing bug?

    No... the map is still pre-hard mode... I am wondering if there has to be any empty floor space in the room? The ones I have noticed all have chests covering the entire floor (except where the table/work bench and chair are)... the doors have 1 space by them to open... Ok... I just went through...
  14. Sssjim7

    Is there a new Invalid housing bug?

    I just noticed that about half of my houses that used to be good and have NPC's living in them suddenly say "This is not valid housing" when I check them... has something changed recently that would have caused this? Very curious... and weird...
  15. Sssjim7

    Is there a way to play Terraria 1.0.0 ?

    I was watching the earliest reviews of the game before it got to cluttered and complicated... I would like to play the first version if possible? I do own the game with all the current updates, of course... ... just curious :)
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