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October 26
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Many is always good.
Anything is possible until proven otherwise.
Hi here, I am Many or Max, I know Russian, English and a little Spanish. I really love nature, but not the mosquito. I am very lazy, so what do you want from me, you couldn't get it in most cases 8{. Also because of my laziness I often drown in debts. Also I am pretty hard to be offended just by words. I like programming and pixel art, but mostly programming yeah. So, this is me?
Underground Jungle
Place to build my house: Spawn Point
Item: War Table Banner
Weapon: Stellar Tune
Equipment: Celestial Shell
NPC: Goblin Tinkerer
Enemy: Hemogoblin Shark
Boss: Duke Fishron
Event: Slime Rain
Celestial pillar: Nebula
Youtuber: AP STP & GitGudWO
Killing Moonlord in first att
Especially good trolling
Get lots of Souls of Light/Night

Least favorite:
Flying Gross
Place for building: Evil Biome
Biome/place: Underworld (I'm from it bruh)
Blood moon
Biome: Sunken Sea (Calamity Mod)
Place to build my house: Spawn Point
Item: Luxor's Gift (Calamity Mod)
Weapon: Rising Action (Homeward Journey)
Equipment: Luxor's Gift (Calamity Mod)
NPC: Archmage (Calamity Mod)
Enemy: Metanova Slime (Catalyst Mod)
Boss: Astrageldon (Catalyst Mod)
Event: Toxic Rain (Calamity Mod)
(working on it :})

Least favorite:
Place for building: Evil Biome
Biome/place: Brimstone Crag (Calamity Mod)
(working on it :})
You are still here, huh? You went through so many warning and didn't stopped? It doesn't matter, I would do that too. But, no one will award you for this, right? So, here is nothing.
I was right.


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