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  • and with that, our clam playthrough has (informally) wrapped up!!! we obliterated yharon, exomechs and supreme calamitas in a single sitting! the calamity game devs are a different breed, they were some of the most fun fights ive ever done, holy cow. :D big wyrm here we come!

    I realize I also never shared this, but this was the house I built for our modded world! Pretty standard build for me but I tried to do something fun with the stairs and windows! Note that the ominous trapdoor leads to a hidden lab because what's a base without some Calamity-themed worldbuilding? XP
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    Also some silly character sketches and funny moments from the playthrough so far. The antler-ed fellow is Frog, and the flamey-haired guy is Bloog.
    (Some slightly questionable material so just be warned LOL)

    i realize ive completely forgotten to keep saying words on here but the playthrough's been goin great. somehow, its turned into a co-op playthrough, so thats been a blast. beat ML, profaned guardians and providence yesterday despite my being dead terrible at the game! LOL
    day 3! i didnt really do anything productive today aside from take on king slime and try to get the spider brain pet, lol (tragically no luck yet. for a 1/4 chance i sure am getting unlucky:sigh:). hellevator's been dug, so thats good, but i found out that my sulfur sea biome is funky! basically, i dont have one. which is kind of a nightmare, but hey! still makin progress, haha :D
    it seems to have been an error in the world gen! according to my friend, its supposed to replace the ocean on the same side as the dungeon but it just. hasnt. and, even weirder, i have the sulfur sea (as in, green textured water, sulfur poisoning, enemies), but no trees, sulfur sand or abyss, and its on the side opposite the dungeon. what the heck! :confused:
    day 2! i got a new weapon from the eoc so i decided to do a boss rush. skeletron, queen bee, slime gods, crabulon and the perforators down! weapon and gear upgrades ensue. (might do a drawing of my character at some point bc i like how their vanity is coming up so far!) rockin 200hp and a vein burster, and still having an absolute blast. do y'all reckon i should do proper npc hosuing for this world as well?
    started a modded playthrough yesterday! im completely new to modding but im having a blast so far. getting to re-experience the absolute wonder of first playing and not knowing a whole bunch of what's coming for me is such an amazing experience <3 current progress: 120hp, a yoyo and a dream. took on eoc and boc fine, but then had the life scared out of me after killing a perforator cyst XD
    also i realize i never posted any of my npc houses despite continuing to talk about their completion. here's the painter's place! because of course i build my favourite house for my least favourite npc :sigh:
    im rlly obsessed with the idea that according to the terraria comics the guide is built as hell. he looks like alex stardew valley and its haunting my waking moments (/pos) . so anyway i was compelled by the forces of evil to draw him (enjoy the bonus reveal of what my character looks like!)

    pretty rough drawing but it had to be done

    *shakes fist at the sky comically* i'm missing 3 things from the beastiary and somewhat impressively theyre ALL gem squirrels . man
    got the world purification achievement last night... only slightly embarrassed with how long it took me to find that 1% crimson:dryadcool:
    The crimson can be tricky to spot as its influence wanes in a world! `:D
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