A random space nerd, car nerd, plane nerd, and train nerd, who plays too many video games and has enough self-loathing to power a city — unfortunately i'm really inefficient so you'll only get a few watts at best :/

Terraria has been a big part of my childhood alongside fellow sandbox games Minecraft Digcreate and Roblox as well. The latter two have mostly been dropped, and now i mainly play Juno: New Origins (space simulator, similar to Kerbal Space Program) and the F-Zero games alongside Terraria. Some other games I play include Bad Piggies, Trainz Simulator, and some older games such as Top Gear (no relation to the TV series of the same name) Einhänder, Zero Wing, and whatever else that I like (and can find a working emulator for).

Mainly, I post memes on my profile on a frequent but non-scheduled basis. Said memes range from the normal, to the relatable, to the nerdy and scientific, to the deranged and absurd, to the absolute nonsensical. Most memes are sourced from Reddit and Imgflip, but some are made by me ("homemade memes"), also using Imgflip.
I originally had one meme per post, but this has mostly been replaced by "meme bundles", multiple memes in one post, typically spoilered to save on data/wifi and to reduce clutter. Most meme bundles have 3 or 4 memes in them, but some of the rarer ones have 5 or even 6 (pentameme, hexameme), and once i've even made an octomeme, with 8 memes in one post...
Aside from memes, you may also find random images of various things I found, some IRL photos, and various video game screenshots. Terraria content does exist on my profile, but they're rare smd you'll need to search for quite a while to find some.

I am 16 years old, but i will not reveal my exact birthday, because i don't wanna get spammed by everyone on my profile messages when that comes around.
And no, i'm not revealing most of my other private info unless i want to. But remember: nothing on the internet is anonymous.

some of my favourite music (mostly just random game soundtrack i found lol)

Nerd stuff:
Welcome to the section where I let my hyperfixations go wild, including some gushing about stuff, and a whole bunch of wiki links (eventually). Whether you're a visitor from an accidental click, a fellow nerd, or someone/something else, enjoy, I guess.

Favourite cars: Lamborghini Egoista, Koenigsegg Jesko, Pagani Huayra, McLaren F1, SSC Tuatara, Hennessey Venom F5
These are mostly high-end sports cars, for what should be obvious reasons (fast). The Egoista is mainly here from pure sentimental value, it was my dream car in the Roblox game Vehicle Simulator that i spent weeks (alongside blood, sweat, and tears) grinding for, I did eventually get it though. The Jesko is my "de facto" favourite, because it is what one could call a "Lightning Bruiser", having multiple advantages at once without many disadvantages (literally at a price, though). Goes really fast, accelerates like crazy, can corner well, has great brakes, sounds amazing, and looks "not bad" in my book (I wouldn't say the Jesko is my favourite looking car, but I don't hate it either, personally I think its appearance is fairly average). The Huayra is similarly here due to sentimental value, it was mainly from the Top Gear review and the tearjerking music used in it. And I'm not the only one brought to tears by it. The McLaren F1 is the only classic here, but it's well-deserved because as many people know this car was far ahead of its time. For a 90's car it can keep up quite well with modern supercars (from what I've seen the top speed is 370 km/h or 230 mph, though some sources state that it's 340 km/h or 210 mph — both are impressive regardless), looks timeless, and the guys who made it didn't even care about performance that much, they made it go fast just because they could. If the (now-dying) Gigachad meme was a car, it would be this one. The SSC Tuatara is kind of a weird one, but it looks like a fighter jet (and you bet I like those) and accelerates like a bat outta hell. It's a bit of a controversial car due to a faked speed record but it has mostly recovered since then, I haven't heard of it much nowadays though. The Venom F5 was stuck in development hell for years, but similarly got its own redemption, with new variants to tear up both the dragstrip and the race circuit. Also, naming your 1800+ horsepower engine "Fury" is just so metal. There's a lot more cars I could name that are ones I love (e.g. Porsche 917, Lexus LFA) but this list is only about the absolute favourites, for now.
Favourite trains: TGV Sud-Est, Siemens ES64U, DB BR101, EMD SD40-2, GE Genesis, basically all of the Chinese, Japanese, and German high-speed trains; honourable mention favourites: MÁV V63, Russian ChS8 and 2TE116, Chinese DF11 and DF11G, Hankyu 2000 series, Keikyu 2100 series
Again, mostly the higher speed stuff, but we do get a lot of variety here. The TGV SE was basically the defining part of my childhood. It single-handedly made orange my favourite color for a while. It may or may not have started my obsession with going fast. It's an OG part of the Trainz video games I love oh so much (this will be mentioned in a lot of these) and is overall just the best way for me to get a massive amount of dopamine thanks to the nostalgia overdose. Moving onto the Siemens ES64U series, the name and designation of which varies based on railway (a lot of European railways have variants of this boi), but is best known as the "Taurus" to most train enthusiasts (I'll be using the ÖBB's designations — 1016 for ES64U, 1116 for ES64U2, 1216 for ES64U4 — in this case, since I'm most familiar with those). Simply put, the Taurus is a locomotive so OP that they had to nerf it by limiting its top speed (for the 1216 at least — it hit a top speed of 357 km/h (223 mph), faster than any high-speed train in Europe and about as fast as the Chinese ones — Taurus' top speeds are limited to 230 km/h or about 143 mph otherwise). Not only that, it's still a beast of a machine with brutal acceleration for an 85+ ton vehicle, and the 1016 and 1116 used to make an iconic "toooruroraraaaaa" (or, well, doremifasolatido) sound that is basically free good chemicals for my brain. Heck, this thing is so good that even the Americans got a version of it — the Amtrak ACS-64 — though I don't know how insane it is compared to the euro spec version (due to different regulations in the USA, imported trains have to be strengthened for crash protection, which also make them a lot heavier). The DB BR101 is basically the Taurus but a tiny bit more tame. I mainly drive it in the Railworks Train Simulator games (it's a bit like Trainz, but with better graphics, more realism, DLC prices that put EA microtransactions to shame, and loading times so long you can sometimes go take a poo while waiting for it to load), and I love it for its wedge-ish shape and still having pretty crazy specs. Both the BR101 and Taurus were made in the 2000's which means that they're also ahead of their time like the McLaren F1 in the cars section above. The 101 shares its 230kmh (~143 mph) top speed with the Taurus and is overall quite similar. It doesn't make the same cool sound but I still think it sounds alright... plus saying "bee are one oh one" just makes my mouth feel really good for some reason. The 101 is in Trainz 2009 but I never really got to try it there (though I plan to do so soon) since in Trainz 2009 I mostly either went with the TGV SE or some random gimmicky train. Moving onto some American trains now, the SD40-2 is infamous for being one of (if not the) most-produced diesel freight locomotives, and while it may be "overrated" to some I still like because it's simply super OG and so is the appearance. Once again, I drove these in Trainz all the time, in fact I'd argue it's the mascot of Trainz. The other super OG American train is the GE Genesis or P40 series. I can't describe it well, but it's that one with the half-slanted front that Amtrak uses a lot, to the point where I'm sure I'm not the only one who always thinks about this boi whenever Amtrak is brought up. The next few are gonna be bundled into countries because I like most of the train models used. Chinese HST's have the room to go faster than those in other countries: most of the high-speed track speed limits in China are 350 km/h (217 mph) rather than Europe's 300-320 km/h (186-200 mph), and they're planning to increase it to 400 km/h (250 mph) which I really hope they succeed in doing, because we've been stuck at the 300-320 km/h range for a while now. Shinkansen trains (Japanese HST's) are super iconic, super OG (in fact, they are THE OG's of high-speed rail), and sometimes even recognizable by the everyday person (who doesn't know much about trains other than the fact that they're a mode of transport utilizing vehicles much heavier than a car or bus). There's a bunch of variants of them and I can't go over all of them one by one, but still, hats off to extremely good safety and extreme punctuality (however both of those apply to Japanese railways in general). Finally, we have the Germans with their InterCity Express (ICE) trains. No relation to the solid form of water, these are white colored bois with a red stripe on them and they go fast. There's the ICE 1 and ICE 2 which don't have a lot of differences between eachother but are quite OG with a wedge shape, the ICE 3 (also exported to quite a few countries as the Siemens Velaro) is noticably more aerodynamic and overall more modern looking with rounded body, and heck, they even made diesel variants (ICE D) for non electrified lines, a tilting variant (ICE T) which I love (because tilting trains are super cool despite the reliability and cost issues), and a diesel variant of that (ICE TD). There's also a bunch of upgraded versions of the ICE 3 and an ICE 4 but I think that one looks kinda weird and I don't hear about them that much anyways.
Moving on the honourable mention favourites, once again having decent variety. The V63 (nowadays class 630) "Gigant" is operated by MÁV (Hungarian State Railways) as a fairly beefy generalist locomotive. It's a little dated but I do like it, as usual I occasionally drive it in Trainz. Same goes for the ChS8 twin-section locomotives from Russia and Ukraine (both of their respective railway companies — RZhD and UZ, respectively operate it), they're also some oldies, originating from the 1980's but still see usage nowadays (y'all can hate on the stupid war and other BS about the Slavs all you want... but we don't get reliability like this anymore). I absolutely love driving the ChS8's in Trainz 12, they're one of my favourite trains there (I just love the horn). Exact same deal with the 2TE116, also a twin section loco and also in Trainz 12. Difference is that it's a diesel and has more wheels due to being heavier. The DF11 and DF11G from China are very similar. The normal DF11 has a fairly ordinary appearance but does go decently fast. The DF11G is a twin-section version made a little later (in the 2000's compared to the 90's for the normal DF11's) with a new front end that I quite like. They're also a staple of my Trainz 12 gameplay, the DF11G has an amazing horn sound and both of them have an idle engine noise that is pure ASMR (heck, I even recorded it just so I wouldn't have to load the game up for it). Finally, we get the trains from Densha De D, my guiltiest pleasure and most obscure hyperfixation, where you race trains and defy the laws of physics while banger musix plays in the background. The Hankyu 2000 series is the protagonist's train, it's fairly boring (and very old) IRL but does get pretty spicy in the games. As for the Keikyu 2100 series, it looks pretty cool with its red and white paint scheme, is kind of OP in the games, and makes a sound very similar to that of the 1016/1116 Taurus (though from what I know the electronics responsible for that sound have been removed on all 3 types due to age).

Favourite planes, spacecraft, etc, are TBA

I'm not on any of the "default" websites and platforms, where you can provide your account on those sites here, but i do have an account on some other websites:

Juno: New Origins (SimpleRockets2) site & forums: Zenithspeed
Imgflip: zenithspeed
Quotev: zenithspeed
Terraria Community Forums: you are already here
FANDOM: Zenithspeed (i won't link cause it's pointless and idc about the site, going to leave it in a few months anyways)
Roblox: zenith_speed (i don't really play it anymore, i guess i'm just too old for it)
the solar system
Re-Logic Games Owned
  1. Terraria: Mobile


- the announcer from F-Zero X

i reccommend everyone to store their signatures (or at least the main part of it) in a spoiler, it helps with clutter and it may save on data usage if it contains images (especially useful for those using mobile data)


mid-heavy spacenerd, mild aircraft nerd (mostly military aviation i.e. fighter jets), mid car nerd (mostly high-end sports cars & some classics), and mid train nerd (mostly modern electric & high speed rail but i do like some USA-style diesel freight trains too
as you can guess by my username, the Zenith is my favourite weapon (how original), and i like going fast.
really fast.
really, really, really ludicrously fast.

i am a "veteran" player from the 1.2.4 mobile days, with screenshot proof. i've seen Ocram and almost all of the exclusive goodies but only for a fairly short while, nevertheless i was there and i witnessed it, everything from Lepus spawn-spamming to Arch Wyverns one-shotting me. nowadays, i mostly just chill out, make wacky railways, build random crap, and shred things to death, with my OP main character i use for everything. i still have my old main character and many of my old worlds, too!
1: Calamity Mod

while i can't experience Calamity myself due to being a mobile user, i still support it for its quality, iconic-ness, and most importantly, its sheer awesome music — DM DOKURO and the other composers, thank you.
2: Save The Jungle
the Jungle has technically already been saved in a way since 1.4.4, i always remember wanting this ever since i stumbled upon TCF in its earlier years, back when i had no account. but as a guy whose main world's jungle (and several other worlds' too) was nigh-irrepairably shredded by both the corruption and hallow (remember, this was in 1.2.4) i still support it regardless
(more coming soon, maybe, lol)
Take note: Personality tests are not always accurate, most aren't scientifically proven (should be fairly obvious considering most of them are just user-made stuff for fun) and they may give differing results than expected, so take caution.

16 Personalities (link automatically leads to test) - I am an ISTP-T ("Virtuoso").

RPG quiz thing that's really popular here on TCF lol:
i mean, maybe??? i do like money but i'm not as obsessed with it as i used to be

yep, relatable as hell

more coming soon?
👍 = "nice", "cool", etc. (in general); "i acknowledge your answer" (for question posts and whatnot)
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🌟🪶 = i don't use it, idek what it's supposed to be used for
:boulder: = for memes relating to boulders... duh
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